OCZ Races to One Million SSDs Shipped



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I helped add to that last week finally. Although I have a Samsung 1.8" SSD in my netbook (with out any Trim), I just pruchased a Vertex 2 for my laptop. My netbook is dead silent with no fan or HD spin. Will be interesting to see how quiet my laptop is. I would like to upgrade my Motion Tablet but it uses ZIF so I am stuck with Kingspec drives or CF. And soon I may upgrade my gaming PC but so far I love my Velociraptors in RAID0 and see no need yet.

Still haven't made a complete SSD plunge and it will be hard to do so in my HTPC anyway. Well not hard too, just too expensive ;)

P.S. what is a Mollom? is that like Gollum's Mom?



where out????!! where's the data loss? maybe misfuction but the data doesnt disappear? correct me.



I want to try an SSD, but I've had bad, BAD luck with flash drives, and the thing is, I'm 99 percent sure that SSDs use the same flash chips that USB flash drives use (why not?), and I've noticed that they wear out fast with all the read/write cycles (like a 1-yr lifespan), but have heard about how OSes rotate cell cycles and so on, though.  OTOH, $400 for 250GB is scandalous (but I'm sure it will be like $100-150 soon); I have a 500GB raid array (2 striped disks) that costed less than $150 altogether, maybe less than that, and it kicks some SERIOUS ass.



High Speed Data Link, you put HDSL not HSDL

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