October 2006 - Build the Ultimate Media Center PC!


October 2006 - Build the Ultimate Media Center PC!

In the PDF archive of the October 2006 issue, you can find:

  • Ultimate Media Center PC Build Guide
  • Core 2 Extreme Unleashed
  • 10 Tech Tragedies
  • HD-DVD & Blu-ray: First Report
  • 21 Awesome Product Reviews!
  • Ask the Doctor
  • Rig of the Month
  • The Watchdog
  • And a whole lot more!

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I built the Media Center PC in the October 2006 issue with a litle change. Instead of an AMD 3800 dual core, I used an AMD 4600 dual core.

Here are the issues I am having:
1- the Media center will turn off by itself. I do not want it to turn off because I have some programs that I want to record throughout the day and night. In addition beyond TV is set up to re-compress the recordings to Divx ( between 1AM and 6AM)
2- Beyond Media (music) is extremely slow when connected to my windows home server (located in my basement) The Media center is connected through wireless connection to the server. I used the D-link 655. The creative labs application is 100 times faster when accessing the same files in the server but unfortunately is not easily controlled with firefly (you have to put firefly in mouse mode that is painful to use i,e to tedious)

3- I use the saber 2020 as tv card and the reception is grainy. In addition, only one of the input works i.e the card was to allow recording a program while viewing another at the same time. However, when setting up beyond tv, the 2nd input did not work - yes I have updated the firmware and the drivers. They are current on all pieces of equipment and softwares that I use or run. The media center is connected to a sony bravia 46"

4 - Beyond Media (dvd) freezes

ps: I will appreciate any suggestions. If I do not resolve these issues as fast as possible, external forces might prevail in limiting my electronic/computer/fun budget. However, if the media center is considered a success, well a man can dream!!!

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