Now Everyone Knows What Kevin Rose's Number Is...



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One need only peruse the comment logs at Digg for a few minutes to understand that the users are, by their nature, an anarchist group of prima donnas vying for peer acceptance with outlandish remarks and illogical musings. There is no dignity in perpetrating theft, regardless of what your opinion is of DRM. But they know better. After all, the world is all figured out when you turn 18 right?

You can't tame mob rules.



DIGG does not have the resources to fight an on going legal battle so are all you whiners going to contribute to their defense? Will you contribute the money you will not spend by copying your buddies HDDVD or Blue-Ray movies? Put up or shut up. I personally like to see DIGG continue. There are plenty of other places you can get the same information for cracking the disks .


D Waterhouse

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