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Please note that if you are going to install Vista Service Pack 1 then please note that is is recommended to uninstall and reinstall Norton.

After you installed Service Pack 1, then please follow the step by step instructions below to download and install new version:

1). Run the Norton Removal Tool:

To uninstall Norton product use the Norton Removal Tool, which is designed to remove left over Norton files and registry entries that may be interfering with the Norton installation. Please refer the link below to use Norton Removal tool:

Title: 'Download and run the Norton Removal Tool'

Document ID: 2005033108162039

> Web URL:

NOTE: The Norton Removal Tool will remove Norton products related to the 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007 and 2008 version.

2) Download latest version of Norton Internet Security:

Please note that Symantec has focused on developing Norton Internet Security (NIS) to provide core security technologies to protect customers from today's dangerous online threats and has released an upgraded version of Norton 2008 products. Downloading and installing this new version of 2008.5 Norton product should resolve the issue that you are currently encountering with the current version of your Norton program.

To download latest version of Norton Internet Security (NIS) 2008.5 software, please follow the weblink that has been given below:

Once you click on the link above, you will get a "File Download" window that will have the options: "Save", "Run" or "Cancel". Please select the option to "Save" this file on to your desktop. After saving this file, please install the Norton program by double-clicking on the "NIS081550.exe" file. This will start the installation of Norton Internet Security (NIS) 2008.5 version. After installing your Norton product activate it.

The Antispam and Parental Control features will be available through an optional add-on pack that works with Norton Internet Security 2008. You can download and install the free upgrade of add on pack from the below link:

Web URL:

3) Activate the product :

After installing your Norton products activate it. To activate your Norton product's, please follow the weblink that has been given below:

Title: 'Help with Norton 2008 product activation'

Document ID: 2007060506483479

Web URL:

Hope this helps someone!

Cheers, HLS



Take a look at this TechNet forum thread (in particular the entries from Spudman) for additional install issues and solutions:

See also the Windows Vista team blog:

Updated 3/22/2008:
The comment threads on Ed Bott's article on Vista SP1 are also useful resources: (full disclosure: I worked with Ed on his Special Edition Using Windows ME book many moons ago).

Feel free to add additional resources and solutions for install problems.

Updated 3/22/2008:
Thanks again to all for contributing tips, observations, and 'war stories. My upgrade was very smooth, but 'your mileage may vary.'
It's amazing how illogical a business built on binary logic can be.



I gave Vista SP1 A try yesterday.
First it took 2 hours on MY machspeed msnv socket 939 Amd X2 4200 zalmon cooling + EVGA GTS 640mb + creative audigy + 2GB Kingston Ram + Happauge MCE 150 Tuner + Ultra 600watt Power supply.
After two disapointing hours vista notifies me that the SP1 Install was unsuccessful and proceeded to kill my system by not recogonizing my EVGa Drivers and killing one of the sata ports on the MOBO. To remedy this situation I needed to let the Machine rest for about a 1/2 hour totaly unplugged including the Power cord. After the 1/2 hour I reconnected all my cords, proceeded to boot up an low and behold the sata Port repaired itself. Fianaly I needed to perform a Windows vista Restore from Right before the Sp1 update.
My suggestion stay away with a 10 foot pole




Update: I gave all these sugestions with the device drivers a try and voilà what do you know after deleting the settings of my Creative Audigy SE from device manager and installing the august MS Update for My EVGA 8800GTS 640 MS Update offered up SP1 Which I graciously installed. 


Update: Everything Seems Stable I have yet to test and benchmark my install for Network Transfers on Vista SP1



Once again, what looks like "bad hardware" is often bad drivers. I'm glad Creative has finally gotten their act together, as I have a couple of Audigy 2 cards myself.


It's amazing how illogical a business built on binary logic can be.



According to Microsoft KB948343 (, the source for most of the material in this article, the drivers for the Creative Audigy sound card are not compatible with Vista SP1. This is the most likely cause of your installation problems. I suggest the following:

1. Uninstall the Audigy card.
2. If necessary, run the uninstall for Creative's jukebox and other drivers after uninstalling the Creative card.
3. Retry installing Vista SP1 using Windows Update. By using Windows Update, you can also get the update containing the CheckSUR utility if your system needs it (see to learn what it fixes). If you don't see Vista SP1 offered via Windows Update right away, install other updates offered until it shows up in the install list.
4. Don't panic if the system stalls or restarts during the SP1 install. If it's not finished, it should continue normally after you restart (you may need to go back into Control Panel, Windows Update and select Vista SP1 again to continue).
5. After Vista SP1 is installed, reinstall your Creative Audigy card, using the latest driver available from the website (

Let us know what happens.
It's amazing how illogical a business built on binary logic can be.



Do you mean physicaly Uninstall the creative audigy card or disable/uninstall it fro device manager?
There must be a way Vista SP1 should work without Phisicaly uninstalling/reinstaling PCI Cards.......and if not it may not be worth the hassle of SP1
In my humble opinion SP1 is not worth the aggravation.



Try disabling the card in Device Manager, rerunning the Vista SP1 install via Windows Update (or download the full SP1 installer and install it that way), and then enable the card after Vista SP1 is installed.

If that doesn't work, you'll need to go into Device Manager, uninstall the card, remove it, and then install Vista SP1. Reinstall the card after SP1 is finished.

I know this is frustrating, but Creative has done a very poor job of developting Vista drivers. I hope you don't need to physically remove the card. Keep us posted.
It's amazing how illogical a business built on binary logic can be.



It is a rather long install, despite being only 65ish mb large. Stage 2 took the longest for me (I did not have the hang at 100% like the other user posted), and overall the install was very smooth.

So far I notice a little overall speed increase, could just be placebo. Went smooth though.



Seriously, how bad is this system that they can't even make repairing it simple?

They should have taken another two years to develop and just rode out the heat for delaying again.

Did anyone stop to think that with all these patches and fixes, vista will soon be riddled with tons more of "spagetti code" that they sought so hard to remove from XP and previous?

There's no time like the future.


Keith E. Whisman

I installed SP1 on Vista Ultimate 32 and all went fine. I then installed a second Nvidia 8800GTS and setup SLI and then my Audigy 2 sound card disapeared. It was there after I installed SP1. It's something with SLI thats causing the problem at least on my system.
SP1 uses less memory than befor about 100megabytes.



After the restart, during part 2 of the update, it hung at 100%. I let it sit for over 30 minutes just to play it safe, then got on my laptop to see if there were any hints on, since it said "do not turn off". After a bit of searching, I failed to find anything addressing this issue (big surprise!), so I hit the reset button.

With great trepidation, I watched the screen, listened to the hard drive at work, and eventually it resumed from where it left off.


It's running fine now, and even says "Service Pack 1" under system info. Needless to say, my experience may not be common, and individual results may vary. But if anyone runs into this same problem, this is how I dealt with it successfully.

Good Luck . . .



SP1 breaks Audigy drivers??

Classic. Guess I won't be installing it for awhile.



Unfortunately, I'm not surprised to see Creative on this list. They took quite a while to get drivers out for Audigy on Vista, and they're putting most of their efforts into X-Fi these days. Keep nagging Creative for a solution. There are a bunch of SB Audigy users out there - and I hope that Creative doesn't think the way to get us to buy an X-Fi is to abandon our Audigy cards (yeah, I have one too)!
It's amazing how illogical a business built on binary logic can be.







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For drivers
 look in    Creative Drivers for Windows Vista

This pack includes just Vista drivers for the following sound cards:

  • Audigy series
  • Audigy 2 series
  • Audigy 2 Value
  • Audigy 2 ZS series
  • Audigy 2 ZS Notebook
  • Audigy 4 series

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