No BS Podcast #70 The "Is It Time to Buy a Mac?" Edition


No BS Podcast #70 The "Is It Time to Buy a Mac?" Edition

This week, Tom, Will, Dave, Norm, and Andy discuss whether it's time for you to give some of your hard-earned cash to Steve Jobs, specifically, whether a MacBook is your best bet if you're in the market for a new notebook. We also answer your tech questions, and Gordon takes a few shots at his coworkers--it's all on this week's No BS Podcast!

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Really?  More Mac coverage?  Don't they have Macworld or something?  Enough! 



My main computer is a macbook pro with core2duo, been using it for over 2 years without problems. The Macbook line though needs a serious upgrade, especially the graphics card and I would buy a MBP over a MB.

A Mac user listening to MaxPC? I'm actually a reader/subscriber since 2002. I use a windows based PC for Games and a Mac for everything else :)



WWDC is a developer conference, most of the developer conferences and technical sessions do not allow the media.


Keith E. Whisman

I guess my fears have come true. Macintosh is using mind control through it's crummy commercials to turn the world into one giant Mac User Hippie. It's too late for the MaximumPC staff but there is hope for the rest of us. Get a hair cut. Listen to Metallica and Rammstein. Carry the American flag everywhere. When you see a Mac User Hippie pee on his Mac. Be sure to upgrade your computer and turn the channel when those crummy commercials come on.



Gordon, repeat after me... "Steve Jobs is the devil".



Ok guys, quit apple bashing. In some ways, they're good and in some they're not, just like PCs. I'm still more of a PC guy.

- mike_art03a
IT Technician
Gov't of Canada



Come on guys, read the manual.

If you put two fingers on the mouse pad and hit the button, it acts like your doing a right click. So, YES you can right click using one hand.

I also like the fact that you can scroll webpages by using two fingers on the mouse pad.

I love my mac and love my PC. They're both viable solutions. It's a lot like Ford vs Chevy, they both get you from point a to point b, its just the windshield wiper knob is in a different place.

Enjoy the podcast none the less.




first, don't bring ford and chevy into this mess, chevy beats fords face in the dirt.

second, pc mag not mac, the needy to keep it out.

third, no matter how enticing mac may seem, it is compleatly alien from windows, i played with on in best buy and couldn't figure out how to work it in 2 hours.

fourth, this dosen't aply to you, the mac comercials are compleatly bogus, need to stop brainwashing.



I thought it was still an interesting podcast. Apple is a company that makes hardware. Seems like it's appropriate. *shrug*

Moving on, I hear the listener on the issue of online videos not working in other regions. You guys made it sound like it only happened if you were overseas but we get the shaft in Canada, too.

ABC airs the new ep of Lost in the US and Canada and the next day at Canadians can't view it online.

After some of Battlestar's season 3 eps, they had deleted scenes available online at Sci-Fi's website, but it wouldn't play for Canadian viewers who also just watched the episode air. Very sad times =(

Unrelated: Good to hear Norm on the MaxPC podcast! Good poaching from those PCG guys.



all I can say is you guys make me sick. You can keep your Mac.




It was a decent podcast, but honestly it felt a little like you guys didn't know what you were doing. Like it was just thrown together at the last minute.

Don't get me wrong, I thought the podcast was awesome, but just seemed thrown together.

Keep up the awesome work on the podcasts. Look forward to the next one.



Idea for next publishing week: MaximumPC Podcast: The All Outakes Edition :)



Great Podcast.

Even though some of it was about Apple. Since I do not ever plan on using one or owning one at least its interesting to hear about what is current with them and what sucks about them. But limit this topic to at the most once a year or if never that is ok with me.

You guys are Great and I agree with Gordon's rant especially about the gunshots that you heard at night and how you got a bit sentimental about indeed why can't we all get along.



I'm from Iowa, and I'm not gonna take it anymore!



WTF! i never get emotional about this stuff but gosh !@#$%^ The worst podcast ever. i listen and read and peruse the site for maximumPC but now i got all this apple crap in my face. go away apple talk

seriously that was terrible, please talk about things people here actually care about like pc related stuff. thanks



Never buy a mac. MGS4 on the other hand is actually pretty good.



It's never time to buy a Mac.



totally!!!! Not even a question!!!!!!!!!!!!!




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