No BS Podcast #67 The We're an American Band Edition


No BS Podcast #67 The We're an American Band Edition

Tom, Will, Dave, and Andy bring you a bonus round of podcasting excellence. In this encore edition of the podcast, we discuss Comcast's latest traffic-shaping shenanigans, take a trip to the Lab, and answer your tech questions.

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Dave, Here's to green fluid on your pants!



Which Video card were you recomending for that Dell 1720 NOTEBOOK???



The editors have openly admitted that they don't even listen to the questions.

PCI-E or AGP FOR A NOTEBOOK!1!!1 are you guys high?? You just should have said that guy was screwed.

PS. you should have used the gordon soundboard somewhere. I was playing with it while I was listening. really livens up the experience.



Gah. You're correct, Praetor_alpha. Upgrading a graphics card on a laptop is nigh-impossible, especially if you originally purchased one with integrated graphics.

So yes. Said listener is stuck with his lame laptop graphics performance, unfortunately.

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