No BS Podcast #66: The Grand Theft Gordon Edition


No BS Podcast #66: The Grand Theft Gordon Edition

Dave, Will, and Andy accomplish an amazing feat on the 66th Maximum PC Podcast: we actually keep our rambling under 40 minutes in length! Even with the clock running, we still manage to get in some chit-chat about:

And as always, we wax about our crazy goings-on in the Maximum PC lab and answer each-and-every one of your reader questions... that's under 60 seconds in length.

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Lars Rasmussen

Where's the follow up post on Handbrake mentioned in the podcast?



about the guy who was getting bs from his friends who have game consoles.... Can Gordon answer that when he can? It was directed at Gordon but he was not at this podcast :(


You guys rock!

HP m7760n, Intel E6400
XP Pro and Vista Premium
PNY 8800 GTX
Soundblaster Platinum



Will hates NIN, freedom.



Its just me or Clan [FU] sounds a bit strange!?




Woohoo, i love The Slip, i downloaded it minutes after it was released. The best songs on it have to be 1,000,000, Discipline, and Echoplex



Oh, Ex NIN, ex Guns N' Roses guitarist rejoined NIN a few weeks ago, and is on this record. it was obviously recorded this month, so that blows the backlog idea out of the water, but rumor has it that it was recorded and mixed 2 Mondays ago, and Dicipline was released as a single the day after.

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