No BS Podcast #62: The Last Unicorn Edition


No BS Podcast #62: The Last Unicorn Edition

Dave, Gordon, and Andy serve as your awesome trifecta of technology information on this week's podcast! In addition to our usual Lab chat and reader questions, we're also talking about:

  • The recently released, free Photoshop Express program!
  • Creative being all "in ur drivers, cease 'n desisting" to one of its community modders!
  • Comcast's new $150-a-month, 50Mbps broadband service
  • Apple's lack of 64-bit Photoshop CS4
  • Nehalem clock speeds!

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Andrew Perkins

There is help for those at MaximumPC. I work at a domain registrar and our IPs have been blocked by Google because we do so many searches an hour, but help is at hand!! WILL NOT require you to drop in a land hard to read code and use code. PLUS Gordon can prove his Subaru worthiness by saving the planet with the wounder of a black search screen.



Another good podcast, i would die on the way to college 3 times a week without these things..

But somebody give Dave a hug, seriously, he sounds so depressed.

Keep it up.



Done & done :)



Now that Will's on vacation, does this mean Murph (the bestest coolest tallest editor ever) is in charge? And if so, can you Fed-Ex me everything on Will's desk, including the desk itself? Kthxbye.


00john00 has several FREE HD Cloning apps.



I'll be testing the 50Mbps connection come Monday. So get this, Comcast wants to charge me an additional $50 "installation fee" even though I already have a DOCSIS 3 modem. They said they only tested the network on "their" modems to I must also rent one of theirs for another $3 a month - with no option to buy.



Just listened to the podcast and DAMN i feel sorry for you guys. 150 dollars for that connection is insane. In Sweden we gett 100mbit down and 100mbit upload for about 32 dollars a mounth So for connections Sweden rulez :D



We do suck.

You do have Sig as well, but then, you also have Saab so I guess it all evens out.

Oh wait, 32 Euros is about $100 US these days so I guess that's about the same ...



i said 32 US dollars not Euros. a 100/100mbit line is about 200:-SEK (swedish currency )



Sweedish massages, women, army knives, meatballs, skiing, AND internet that fast!

I think I'm moving!

There's no time like the future.

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