No BS Podcast #59: The "Happy Hollister" Edition


No BS Podcast #59: The "Happy Hollister" Edition

Today, Dave, Will, Gordon, and Andy give you the second Maximum PC podcast for this week! We're eschewing the reader questions this time around and opening up the floor for a general discussion of a few big issues: EA's attempt at a hostile takeover of Take-Two Interactive, how we acquire movies and music nowadays, big technology purchaes we've got our collective eyes on, and the various bits of daily life that make Gordon so gosh-darn angry.

And yes, we're trying our hardest to not swear on this podcast. Can we make it the whole 45 minutes?

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First Computer = Tandy 2000 (Grandpa gave it to my mom.)
First Game = “Pharoh’s tomb” .. i think it was called.. on 5 and a 1/4th floppy.. as well as some other basic DOS games..

Fav Shooter of all time= RISE OF THE TRIADS.. .. REMAKE ANYONE ?!?!?

mIRC was the first program to really get me into the sharing of INFO online… downloading music as well as games.. crackz warez appz.. all that cool stuff that was still new in the early 90’s..

Really Enjoyed this weeks episode GUYS......!

Oh... And did the guy that called about the SLI performance decrease say that he has a 300WATT powersupply ? I believe thats what i heard.. if you listen to it over and over it really sounds like he says 300watt.... hrrmmzz.. that might b the problem ????

EDIT:WOW epic FAIL .... listend to episode 45.. didnt even realize it was episode 45 till just now when i posted this reply...... MONDAY!!!!11111111~~~!!! ARGH

XBL HANDLE = deltapsik0
ADD ME for COD4 !!

Kevin M
Walnut Creek, CA



Interesting, any time I call with a legitimate tech question it never gets played.

However, if I interject gratuitous cursing it's first in line.

It's like.... home!

You guys rock,

Chris in MD



Try combining the two; you're sure to be included then!

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