No BS Podcast #57: The How We Wasted Leap Day Edition



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Thank You for flaming the ads Gordon! The internet as a whole if getting carried away with those things; I just wish there were a way to eliminate them and/or the need for them.



They're great, but if that were the entire podcast, I'd probably stop listening. IMO the reader questions are the weakest segment because the rest of the content is on average a whole lot stronger and more interesting. The Rant is, of course the pièce de résistance of any tech head's week and I know you wouldn't ever cut that. The news and lab report segments might seem dry on paper but they routinely serve as launching points for the most interesting discussions on the podcast: riffs about behind-the-scenes tech biz stuff, upcoming gear, MaxPC gossip, etc etc.



Fuck Dave. Fuck console gaming.

I take that back. Fuck everyone else in my office right now too.



Murph: I love ya, but dude- no worthy PC games? For shame! A list of what I'm currently playing:

-Crysis for a second time
-Bioshock for a second time
-Portal for the third time
-Guild Wars
-Medieval II Total War
-COD4 Multiplayer
-Oblivion (still)

And how about the rest of the games that came out like Company of Heroes, World in Conflict, The Witcher, Sins of a Solar Empire, Burning Crusade (to name a FEW)? In my opinion, 2007 was one of the best years ever for PC Games. Now testify!!



Oh, I won't doubt your list. But read this.

In essence, five of the eight games on your list are cross-platform. So, really, I could enjoy them just as well on my console as my PC. That's one of my points -- the PC needs more A++, awesome, exclusive titles if it's going to have any shot against the living room machines.



The Motherboard that supports DDR AND DDR2 IS a Asrock 775 dual vista motherboard the problem is two slot are for DDR and two for DDR2 so you can only have two sticks instead of 4. Also You cant run both at the same time You can use either DDR or DDR2.



I'm interested in hearing Dave's retort after Gordon and Will laid some pretty big blows on him for the console defending issue...



haven't listened to it yet, but the titles speak for themselves. Sure, you can find a "higher-quality" gaming environment on the PC, in a graphical sense. However, the PC is stagnant when it comes to new, immersing, innovative titles.

Case in point: what does Will play? Team Fortress 2. Done. What does Gordon play? Counterstrike.

What does Dave play? Plenty.

I'm not suggesting the PC can't have good games. But when it comes to the greatest diversity of fun, A+ titles... it's hard to deny the console.



Hrmm, just TF2, eh Murphy? Actually, if you took a moment to check my gamertag, you'd notice that I've played all of the games on your list, plus some. I've also been playing games that don't show on my gamertag, like Sins, Call of Duty 4, World of Goo, and The Club.

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