No BS Podcast #56: The "Whale Versus Wail" Edition


No BS Podcast #56: The "Whale Versus Wail" Edition

This week, Dave, Will, Gordon, and Andy spend hours upon hours dissecting all the hot news from this week's Game Developers Conference. We also chat about all the fun stuff we're doing in the Lab--including media streaming and virtual machines--and answer your crazy reader questions!

We sincerely appreciate crazy reader questions.

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Hope Murph ain't sitting around reading this. You know...No f'ing lives waiting around on forums with nothing else to do. Who the hell does that?

Ass hat.



Not all consoles are used for gaming (I know sounds weird) but I know a guy who bought an Xbox just to use it as a media center, complete with the add on HD-DVD drive, but has not bought or played any games on it.

Also, where is the links to the dvd software Gordon was talking about?

Keep up the good work...



Great podcast as usual!!
I thought i might brighten up your day with this

its a app that gets you the proper oldschool menus back in Office 2007!!!



Murphy, its not completely erroneous because for a longest time a lot of my friends shared, downloaded games, etc. I didn't buy expensive GPU until recently but have been playing PC Games (only) for 5 years.

So using games record count is not the best way to estimate that number. Counting hardware would in fact bring us close to precision.



i think that they should separate hardware and game sales in both gaming segments


Darth Ninja

Yay i feel half as good as the 1st guy!

How does one join your Steam group (steam noob here)

(BloOdymAN666) ah ha! so that's why your 1st :}



Oh, goodness. Yes it does feel awesome!!

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