No BS Podcast #50: The Epic CES Edition



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Hikaru Sulu


you should check out this vid. I don't think you'll be wanting to look at the "green light" anymore.



I guess I'm getting old, but that stunt involving the TV's and switching them on and off was just pitiful. Is that what passes for a practical joke? Those guys must be really bored...what's next, a Pull-My-Finger extravaganza? LOL...NOT.



I just wanted to let Gordon know what the | character is used for these days. It is used extensively when you work with Unix or Linux. It allows you to chain commands together in the console.
Example use:
tail -10000 logfile.log | grep "Jan 14" | grep maxpc

This would take the last 10000 lines of the log file, look for the text Jan 14, and then look for max pc within that result set.



I have to say I was really surprised by the comment about being more likely to ignore a future emergency because last week's turned out to be a (relatively) false alarm. The reason you haul ass out of there when the call goes out is, in a real emergency, the difference between life and death can literally be a matter of seconds. Unless you have a crystal ball, when an evacuation is taking place you have NO WAY OF KNOWING whether or not it is real. The next one might be.

Seriously, I thought you guys were smarter than that.



Thank you for dissecting the reason why my comment was supposed to be hilarious, though demonstrating that it wasn't the least bit funny.



Try an EMP generator that will fry and electronics in range of the generator...instantly!

Have fun Gordon ;)



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