No BS Podcast #48: The Nothing but Rants Edition


No BS Podcast #48: The Nothing but Rants Edition

That's right! We've compiled the most bilious, noxious rants fan-favorite Gordon Mah Ung has ever produced into one great show. Listen on as Gordo tells you why pandas shouldn't exist, why Steve Jobs is the devil, and why you should never, ever, ever use the Maximum PC restrooms.

Sit back, relax, and let Gordon's patented rants wash over you.

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Ugh! Where's the download link? I can't get this on the RSS feeds anymore! I only complain 'cause it is awesome and I must have it. :) 


The glass is at fifty percent.



Really love the podcast thanks for not bleeping out the f words.



Is the Explicit tag an optional item or some dracoian descision on iTunes part? This episode should have been labeled as such. ;)

Sign nothing....
....before reading it



I have to admit, I enjoy listening to the podcasts. However, the rant one is the only one I've played more than once. It just hasn't gotten old yet... Kudos to Gordon for the rants and Jeremy for collecting them all together into one podcast. Here's to hoping you can get together another one for 2008. :)



This was simply awesome. I hope this becomes a new holiday tradition.


deez nutz

this was fantastic...I worked alot this week and had the opportunity to listen to it 4 times (PC analyst is a lonely job). Listening to someone bitch about the same things I hate never gets old.
Thanks for the mag and the podcasts. I wish everyone @ Max PC a great year

Good job with the Gordon Mash-up Jeremy



I'm one of those nerds that buys toys for me but my kid also reaps the benefits and this also pisses me off!
What the hell is up with the Toy Companies anyway? Let's save thousands of hours of labor and ease back on the packaging.
I had a helluva time getting a Transformer out of the box without breaking Starscream. And I needed wire cutters and a box cutter to get a Mickey Mouse toy out of its box. Its exhaustive. Thanks for the sentiment.



I cant agree more about asus's website! I really like their motherboards, however you are right about the website- for example out of the 10 times i hit refresh (lol) it will finally come up once -instead of an error and then it takes an hour over my cable internet! (yah it topped out at 112kbps!) (whereas most sites are around 850kps!)
needless to say i download bios's only when absolutely necessary! :)

Love the podcast and especially the rants! keep up the good work!



You are the best doing rant hope you do better for this new year.



I found this podcast to be the most entertaining one I have EVER listened to!! 90 minutes of Gordon's GENIUS!!! I found this perfectly balanced with all the tech, common sense, profanities, and all the profanities that make this podcast one of the most HONEST ones out there-- I have tried to listen to Extremetechs podcast, but the boring drawl and lisp of the hosts make me want to either kill myself or go out and buy an Intel Mac and drive to SF to meet Gordon just to see who can get the higher PCMark score! ( I live in IOWA )


Dave W




Keep up the good work on the Apple bashing - everyone knows Steve Jobs is the antichrist.



There should be a vote; which rant should be the Rant of the Year.



Gordon has a potty mouth and I love it!! :o)



Hey guys, you kick ass. I was gonna use an audio program to compile the rants for my friend who likes the rants but not the rest of the podcast. Thanks for saving my time. You rock!!



For a person who doesn't use a Mac you sure complain a lot. I wonder what will you complain about if you did actually use one ...

It's all sad flame baits if you ask me ...

Happy new year, hope you find something better to do than complain about stuff you don't use ...

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