No BS Podcast #45 - The Crazy Deadlines Edition



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What a great podcast! I loved hearing about the old computers, old games, the bbs's, and everything else. I'm glad to see that there are people on the podcast who might be as old as I am.

My first video console was the Atari 2600 with tons of different cartridges. My first computer was an Atari 1200XL with 64 KB of RAM (woo hoo!). I bought it in 1983 and it cost me an arm and a leg at the time.

I still remember a college professor almost rejecting one of my papers because it wasn't typed in his opinion(huh??). I don't think he'd heard of a personal computer yet.

Like so many college students I ended up with a Mac. I don't remember doing that much school work on it as much as I played Dark Castle.

Thanks for reviving all those fond memories!



you guys are describing my childhood to a T. did anyone else get that magazine 3-2-1 Contact? there was a BASIC program in the back of every edition of that magazine. awesome!

PS - i am CRYING with the rant this week: "i just want to play and sync my music - i don't want to learn how to use office 2007!"



BBSs are still alive and well, though not in the huge numbers of the past. The cool thing about them now is no long distance! Most you can get to via telnet.

For all you young whipper snappers you can see what we used to do back in the day. Check it out here:

Grab the terminal and have at it. I will destroy you in Legend of the Red Dragon!!

Heres a cool documentary:

I actually ran a board for awhile and was in an ANSI art group. I was also big into the demo scene, which is still going strong:



My first PC was a Commodore Vic20 with a tape drive and it took a half hour to load games, and my first console was the Atari 2600 or maybe it was Pong (now I am dating myself)....



Gordon...dude -- that rant really made me want to cry. My parents can use Itunes with all of a 5-minute tutorial from me, and you're having problems with check marks?! wow... You're sounding more and more like a fanboy with each rant - sit back, breathe, drink a little decaf, and relax a bit ;-)



Damn dude, if iTunes is so bad, why use it? You are a consumer, you have choice as to what you consume. I would personally love to use an iPod myself, but I don't wanna be tied to itunes, so that is why I use Creative's line of stuff.

Office 2007 isn't all that different, Microsoft was just trying to reorganize some shit, works well for some. Gotta learn to adapt man. If you can't or don't want to, then don't use it!

I really do hate the itunes software though. The check boxes f@#$ed me over too. I thought unchecking would just have those songs not play, but that is what you do to "not have it sync with ur ipod". I thought it was dumb, but for that reason, I don't use iTunes.



How is it the cast and crew of MaximumPC uses iTunes when they've recommended Media Monkey in the past?

It syncs and works with iPods no problems.



My first computer too.

What games?
• Archon
• Archon Adept
• Airborne Ranger
• AH-64 Apache
• Lode Runner
• All those Dungeon and Dragon (Pools of Raidance!)

Just a small sample of the dozens upon dozens of games I had for it.

Simply an amazing piece of silicon.



I'm dating myself but my first computer was a Trash 80 (TRS80)I spent my days entering code from a magazine and saving data on a cassette drive. We used to spend Calculus class using these showing our teacher how to use them. I remember calling my Uncle in California and he talked me through my first upgrade. I went from 16k of ram to 32k . I thought I was on top of the world with that upgrade. LoL. I also remember playing a game called Empire on the college VAX. It was a precursor to Civilization. The graphics were just letters. Computer would randomly generate the world and build cities, while you built cities and military units in your part of the world. My friends and I could crash the college computer by doing an all night session of the game. Oh those were the days. Keep up the good work. Think the podcast is great. Someone buy Gordon a couple cans of soup.




MAN! Thats funny, CNN is running an I-Report
article on the C64...

The C64 was my FIRST Computer. I STILL have it setup. I got my First C64 in 1985 and used it till
July 1996 When I got an 8088 XT!!



I already gave Will Sh*t, but it's worth repeating. I'm renaming myself to "that dude" in every multiplayer game I play (or el dudereno if you're not into the whole brevity thing). Maybe this way Will will actually remember who the hell I am. I guess constantly dominating him over and over and over in TF2 just didn't do the trick. "That dude." The shame!



I am not that old, so my first computing experience was with the family Apple Quadra.

Edit: Itunes sucks. Therefore, I have an 80 gig Zune.






What about the link to that video wherein that French cab driver was mistaken for somebody who was to be interviewed?



and BBC's later admission of its own mistake (and that they had no fucking clue who the guy was:)



This podcast was far funnier than expected, so good job all.

Dear Gordon: if the checkbox thing is really too hard for you, you could try checking the button in your iPod settings that says "manually manage my music" and then you don't have to worry about syncing at all, you just click and drag whatever songs you want on your iPod to your iPod.

PS, try the kool-aid. It's delicious.

My only other real comment was that I strongly believe that Dave "TheMurph" Murphy should spend less time staring at women on Kawasaki bikes and more time remembering hilarious/embarrassing anecdotes, or else you guys are totally welcome to hunt him for sport because that would be awesome and probably more entertaining. But you'd have to make a video podcast for that episode.

Cheers, and keep up the great work all. Except Dave, who is kinda lame.

(Oh, and awesome, I got a shoutout. I'm famous among all 6 of your other listeners now.)



Gordon, you could always get a first gen 1Gig iPod nano ...

I have over 40GB of Podcast content (audio and video) including some maximum pc podcast and archive ;)

As for the checkbox, its always checked by default.... Apple Kool-aid, yum.

if the playlists are too hard, try Merlin Mann's guide here:

But I agree with Gordon, Office 2007 sucks ;)

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