No BS Podcast #44: The Holiday Party Hangover Edition


No BS Podcast #44: The Holiday Party Hangover Edition

Finally emerging from a tryptophan-induced haze, Tom, Dave, Gordon, and Jeremy get back to work to talk tech. This week the guys discuss:

  • Phenom
  • Facebook's Beacon Ad System

Also this week, Ask the Doctor covers new ground by delving deep into topics some editors would rather not discuss, and Gordon brings a holiday-size helping of his bilious worldview in his Rant of the Week.

For your chance to win a SanDisk Sansa Connect MP3 player, enter one--or all--of our contests:

  • Make a mashup of an Apple/PC ad, with the PC emerging as the victor; submit the video to YouTube with the tag MaxPC1130
  • Create a Photoshop image that describes your Black Friday experience
  • Create outro music for the No BS podcast. Make some new music to play at the end of our show!

The video and Photoshop contests end December 14 at 10 a.m. PST; the theme-music contest ends December 21 at 10 a.m. PST. Submit photo and music entries to with the subject line "Black Friday" for the Photoshop contest and "Theme Music" for the music contest. More details available by listening to this very podcast!

To learn more about Intel-sponsored LAN parties, mosey on over here.

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i'm just glad i was the first / only one to do this - it would have quickly lost its humor otherwise!



yes!! my 1920x1200 all black picture got an honorable mention!



At first I thought, "this guy can't be serious," but I eventually laughed. Well done, JasonPWhite.



"and have installed vista x64 ultimate atleast 10 times pefectly"

eelkram, I hope you haven't had to reinstall 10 times on that same box, if so, I think you may be doing something wrong, lol.



When I heard "and now Gordon's rant of the week" I was thinking "didn't Gordon already rant?"...



I have 4GB of memory in my pc and have installed vista x64 ultimate atleast 10 times pefectly. However my cousin has 4GB of memory and he can use the same disk and he still has the problem.
Both of us are running the same bios from EVGA.

im running
Evga 680i -
Evga 8800 GTS
Antec 650 TP3
Intel E6600
Corsair Dominator 800mhz 44412 4GB
2 WD 160gb raid 0
Creative Soundblaster 2Audigy zs platinum
1 IDE CD Drive
1 IDE DVD Drive

hes running
Evga 680i - newer revision of board
Evga 8800 GTS
Antec 650 TP3
Intel e6600
mushkin 996523 44310 4GB
2 WD 160gb raid 0
1 SATA CD Drive

I dont know if its the newer motherboard revision or what but im happy mine works.



make them into a zip file. that way they are separate, but all together. don't add ads.



But then, what if someone only wants to download one month, they have to download a 500MB file that costs us a bunch to transfer? Doesn't seem like a good idea, coz bandwidth ain't free.



will , what if you have both? a big zip file for people who want it all , and single pdfs for people who dont , some people will want to save the pdf's hence the Zip , and some will want to view it in the browser , one way of hosting the Zip would be to perhaps Torrent it? that way bandwidth is shared?



I believe the sales for PS3 jumped up in japan because of a particular game from square enix



I looked on the iTunes podcast section and could not find episode 44 on their, only 43.

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