No BS Podcast #40: The Wow, Two Podcasts in One Week! Edition


No BS Podcast #40: The Wow, Two Podcasts in One Week! Edition

This week, Tom, Will, Dave, and Jeremy celebrate the creativity of our listenership by showering prizes and praise upon the winners of our Where in the World is Will? and Podcast Mashup contests. (Check out the winning Photoshop entries at the end of the show notes.) After that, we:

  • Discuss Concast's alleged traffic shaping
  • Take a trip to the lab and describe the latest tech we're testing
  • Answer your tech questions

We're supplying some great prizes for Intel's upcoming series of LAN parties. Check out the details here.

Do you have a tech question? A comment? Email us at or call our No BS Podcast hotline at 877.404.1337 x1337. Also, get your game on with the editors of Maximum PC by joining our Steam group! Next event: Friday, November 2 at 3:00!

Modders, be sure to check out Mod Shop: submit and vote on the coolest mods around—and win prizes!


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Where in the World is Will? Photo Contest Winners!

Third place goes to Miles McCabe for his true-to-life representation of Will as Kane.

Second place winner Thorenx shows Will sporting his 300-themed weekend wear.

First place winner Daryl Pemberton captures Wil's dream of leaving it all behind and starting a new life as a gondolier.

Congratulations to everyone who entered. Keep listening to the podcast to learn about more exciting—and ridiculous—contests!



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The past 2 podcasts were fantastic! All the awesome MaxPC energy is back.

Though the latest one is my favorite if only because you played my god damn questions about monitors on the air.

Off to put the Dell 2707WFP on my Xmas wish list.

Thanks for the advice guys!




Dave stole my favorite internetism. Boo on him.

Also, congrats to the winner.



Thanks for recognizing my mad paint skillz with will in hell. it might be one of the single most impressive works of art of all time.



Well... I did them all over my lunch hour the day I listened to the podcast... I can't help it that you guys inspire me to prolifically photoshop the hell out of Will. Thanks for the votes, and thanks for your support Dave!

Great podcast #40, keep up the great work!

Xander: "Ugh, OK, you know what? I think we need to zap our PRAM... with a cup of joe."



Is there anything better than winning a contest done by MaximumPC? I highly doubt it.

Feel free to send my the sidewinder i don't mind if ir is a bit large at the moment i am using the essence of a mouse.

You can send me random crap too if you like i don't mind
first comp i have ever won and it feels good.

Thanks MaxPC love the podcast




3rd place. oh sooo close.
owel. que sera sera

Sorry about the the other entries from me that might be deemed offensive, i just plasted Wills face everywhere i could find.

Photoshoping him into WWII or Pol Pots Cambodia in hindsight may not have been the best idea, but the chance of winning orange box was blinding.

Congrad's Daryl Pemberton you lucky bastard!

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