No BS Podcast #38: The Hard Drive Edition



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AFter so long, I have finally found out what is causing the dam sound problems with the podcast for me (the mp3 version). If I have the SRS WOW Effects on then there is cutting out in the sounds about every 1 1/2 seconds, If I turn it off its gone. This is of course in Win Vista Ultimate, WMP version 11.0.6000.6344. I have no extra codecs downloaded or anything this is just purt WMP. So im sure the problem is not with any downloaded codecs. So now maybe you guys can get in touch with M$ and get this problem fixed. Thanks alot.

Your loyal Listener,


Iceman are dead on about ASUS support site.....I work in a PC support role and I frequently have to do rebuilds, and downloading a motherboard driver from Asus is a painful yea I agree...anyone that works for Asus fix your fuckin' support site and open up some bandwidth...I am sure you can afford it.....



Where's the talk bout EA buying Pandemic and Bioware?


Travis Penner

On this podcast one of you mentioned a program called maximum arcade or something? I couldn't hear it, cuz it was said SO Fast... Could someone post the web address? I want to check this out. Thanks!






Glad to have you back Will. We've been worried sick about you.

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