No BS Podcast #35: The Songs for Murphy Edition


No BS Podcast #35: The Songs for Murphy Edition

Tom, Dave, Butters, and Jeremy get together on the 20th anniversary of the death of Jaco Pastorius to bring you the latest tech news and views. On today's program, the gang talks about

  • The end of Moore's Law?
  • Trent Reznor says, "Steal my music!"
  • Steam's user survey: 75 people rocking 6-inch screens!
  • Internet use vs. human contact!

Plus, someone writes Dave a song, tech advice from the Doctor, and much, much more.

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The D600 has a regular S-vid port on the back-left of the notebook. There's another, similarly sized port on the right-hand side, but this is where dell's power cord plugs in. He either A) plugged in a broken/bent s-vid cable and somehow got it jammed like Excalibur, or B)plugged the s-vid cable into the power port, in which case, HA HA HA

Frankly I don't believe he actually put it in the freezer. When he mentioned tying it to the bed I was skeptical, as that makes no logical sense in any way, shape or form. I think that called was just calling in for his 15 minutes of 'fame' -- which we've clearly given him. Maybe he'll go away now.



I believe the connector on that DELL D600 that the caller had fun with in your doctor section is a proprietary connector that DELL uses for a dongle to break out video (S-Video and composite) and digital sound to connect to external sources such as a 5.1 A/V least that is what is on my Dell D800…..

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