No BS Podcast #33—The $100 Rebate Edition


No BS Podcast #33—The $100 Rebate Edition

Tom, Will, and Dave ask Jeremy and Norm, PC Gamer's intern, what it feels like to piss away $200. Once that's settled, the gang brings you the latest info on

  • Open-source GPU drivers from AMD/ATI
  • The Justice Department says no to net neutrality
  • The Copyright Alliance states that fair use is not a consumer right

Also this week, win a dream date with Dave, a report from the Lab, what people in the Maximum PC forums are saying about the case chosen for our Dream Machine, and how to join Maximum PC's Steam group.

Do you have a tech question? A comment? Email us at or call our No BS Podcast hotline at 877.404.1337 x1337--aka page not found, leet, leet!


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I heard one very quick reference to Jeremy perhaps not being on the podcast any more. Is this the case? I would certainly miss him, plus I was really hoping you guys would expand on the imac versus a comparably priced PC.
Also, now that Macs (at least the intel ones) can comfortably run Windows, perhaps you could outfit a Mac Pro with Windows and give us a comparison with some PC's. The Mac Pro has an 8-core option, so I'm fairly sure (Gordon notwithstanding) this would be a fairly fast machine.



re: Cae
The people in my flickr are my roommates and other assorted friends. and butters, of course. colbert, the cat, thanks you for your homage‽ :D

re: butters
get back to work



Seeing as how a number of us miss Gordon's rants already, it might be funny if all the mellow people on the podcast air their own peeves in the style of Gordon. Or recite a rant in haiku. Whatever. I'm kinda curious to know what gets under everyone else's skin. ^_^

Dave's cardboard computer case idea is teh s***. Although formed metal cases would definitely get more love from a giftee, his solution implies a sort of sexy MacGyver-ish resourcefulness. But what's the deal with all those girls sprinkled throughout his Flickr account and cuddling his cat Colbert? Is this a man in need of a date? I think not. Unless those girls are after his cat. He's a cute critter after all.



Dave can always use a date. Plus, hey, free burgers!


zine team279

Should have thrown an Interrobang into the Podcast description for the front page.

What? Gordon's not around to see it. :]



You've still got a few more weeks till he comes back, don't you?! ^_^


Black Falcon

I'm the one who phoned in about the fried computer hardware and I can explain the power outages. While we do have the Falls right there for power, all our power lines and transformers are like 30 years old and constantly fail. Thanks for the help, I'm going out tomorrow to get the UPS like you guys suggested. Thanks for all the help.



I like the new news music and the iphone bash. i want gordon back. damn, maine's school system is rich. here in florida we have to donate tissue paper to our schools.

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