No BS Podcast #32—The Everybody's Working for the Weekend Edition


No BS Podcast #32—The Everybody's Working for the Weekend Edition

Tom, Gordon, Dave, Butters the Intern, and Jeremy bring you a special Labor Day weekend edition of the No BS Podcast. This week, we're talking about

  • The Google Phone
  • A new instruction set from AMD
  • Is Viacom pirating content from YouTube?
  • NBC leaves iTunes

Also this week, goodbye, Jesse; a report from the Lab; what people are talking about on the Maximum PC Forums; reader mail; and the return of Gordon's Rant of the Week!

Do you have a tech question? A comment? Email us at or call our No BS Podcast hotline at 877.404.1337 x1337--aka page not found, leet, leet!


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Thanks to Maximum PC... and the Electronic Frontier Foundation, they have saved teh intern3ts as we know it!





gordon, i hate the interrobang as much as anybody. but you haven't lived until you've started hating the gnaborretni.



Nathan, you should try to swap out the ram and see if that fixes your booting issues. If that doesn't work, try changing the IRQs. - Nathan



that rant was amazing, I aim to work in tech support for the gov't because its so easy, and so I've been tagging along with my uncle who does pretty much the same thing, and the majority of calls we get are "hey bill, windows decided to move stuff on my computer come fix it"

that's right, most gov't workers don't even know how to copy and paste a file from my computer when they delete it from their desktop, so I have to go through their whole computer and find the file again.

anyway, that was brilliant, hope you make a stockpile of rants for the upcoming weeks.



The Apple and "My PC isn't working" rant? Gold, pure gold. And I'm working tech support, so I know...



great podcast. Gordon's back! great rant, one of the best. the additional comment by dave about the woohoo guy was funny Also, i like having butters on the podcast.

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