No BS Podcast #28—The "Go Sit by the Printer!" Edition


No BS Podcast #28—The "Go Sit by the Printer!" Edition

Tom, Katherine, Dave, Butters the Intern, and Jeremy talk about the latest tech news and respond to loads of reader mail! This week, we're taking a look at

  • What's new in monitor technology
  • The Google Phone
  • Universities win this round in the P2P battle
  • Is your printer trying to kill you

All that, plus a report from the Lab, Ask the Doctor, Butters the Intern's response to Gordon's rant, and reader mail!

Do you have a tech question? A comment? A topic you'd like us to cover? Call our new No BS Podcast hotline at 877.404.1337 x1337!


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This is the first installment of the Butters vs Gordon RantMatch which has taken place in the last podcast and continued over to this one. While neither of them can be declared a winner at this point, but I would score the match 9 for Gordon and a 10 for Butters. Round one goes to Butters. Gordon did have some sharp blows to Butters with the "hangover" and "intern" but ultimately it was butters coming out on top with "cottage cheese", the "bib" and "klingon"! Now that round one has been decided and we are left with a thrist to hear more from these two quick witted masterminds that will no doubt meet again in round two.



That rant music SUCKED. When the whiny little bitch who made it wrote in and asked why you didn't play it, you should have told him: "We didn't play it because it sucked hairy donkey balls."

I agree with whoever said let Jeremy do the themes, at least he's got some musical skill.


Darth Ninja

Sorry: just gotta boo 'Butters'



be more constructive with your criticism!



Molex is already making displayport connectors and cables, including one that can convert Displayport to DVI. If you want to know where I saw it, it was in a Mouser Electronics catalog.



That metal rant music was sick! I loved it (I was rocking on, letting my long beautiful hair sway with the beat) but that's besides the point :p

I need a link to it! must download!



I have an ibuypower and it is fantastic. its a great company and it cost less than having to build it myself. btw: OSU is UF's bitch! Ohio State University is now called University of Florida at Columbus.

PS: The metal music is better for gordon's rants.



Didn't mean to disparage IBuyPower by any means - it's just a silly name. Not as silly as "Butters the Intern", but you know.

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