No BS Podcast #27—The "Stormtrooper Dress-Up" Edition


No BS Podcast #27—The "Stormtrooper Dress-Up" Edition

David, Will, Katherine, Gordon, and Jeremy talk about the latest tech news this week, aside from the occasional Gladiator-style argument or two. This week, we're taking a look at:

  • AMD bringing down the antitrust hammer against Intel
  • Blackle, the "eco-friendly" Google search
  • Why P2P is now equal-sign terrorism
  • An online flamewar that turned into real-life arson

All that, plus a report from the Lab, Ask the Doctor, Gordon's rant of the week, and tons of reader questions!

Do you have a tech question? A comment? A topic you'd like us to cover? Call our new No-BS Podcast hotline at 877.404.1337 x1337!


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If you are using an LCD monitor, don't use blackle. It actually uses more power than Please see the video where we tested it.



You guys are all starting to sound like Maaaxx Headroom. Maybe it's because you are cramming an hour of audio in a 10 meg file?

It also happens on the PC Gamer podcast. I don't blame you, I blame Jeremy.




Thats awesome, back of the envelop calculations meaning crap is awesome. Between that and "argument defeated by weird noises" a couple of podcasts ago. And is it me, but whenever I listen to these guys, I always think of the guys in Grandma's Boy. Gordon is awesome, Dave doesn't know how to drive, and Butters is Butters. Great Podcasts guys. By the way, the guy that called in and asked if he should buy a PC or a Console for gaming. Are u serious? PC Gaming has and will always be better, not only for the graphics reasons, but the extent of the games and controls alone, make PC Gaming superior. Console games have there place and are fun don't get me wrong, but own a PC Gaming machine first then get your Guitar Hero and Rock Band for your Consoles.



WTF? Please hammer that out. You guys are supposed to best the hardware GODLIKE experts.

It was horrible.



Who let Celsius in on the secret? Butters? Butters, was that you? Get back in the Labs.

(We're working on getting better headsets for said podcast, btw. Though Will still insists on practically eating the Snowball mic every time we do a show...)



Hey all,

Yeah, the audio was a bit lagged up for this podcast. I'm not entirely sure why, but at least most of the podcast (if not all) is decipherable. Hopefully that'll be ironed out for good ol' podcast number two-eight. :D



I'm on my laptop right now and decided to check for myself how much difference a black background makes in power consumption. It confirms your suspicions, I saw no difference (-28W before and after).

The reason I checked is because before I started listening to the podcast I saw a drop in power consumption after closing FF (which was displaying a predominantly white site) of a few watts, guess it must have been something else that triggered it.

I'd use blackle if I wasn't already using googles 'personalized' homepage, can't live without it anymore.

Keep up the good work :)



did some quick research and found out that on lcd displays white consumes less power then black but on a crt monitor white consumes more power



Just wondering is everyone experiancing the audio gliches at the same part in the podcast. Like when I listen I hear some audio problems, during Gordan's Rant when he is talking about working on someones machine, when he says work, it is stretched out and sounds wierd.

Oh and Jason bye a PC cause the xbox, playstation 3, and the Wii, are all out dated. MaximumPC recently had an issue comparing the Xbox and the PC, pick it up and read. Just my 2 cents.



i originally thought the mp3 may have corrupted during download, which could have explained the metallic-sounding digital glitches. I will definitely try to get my cat to meow for the hotline. I have a better idea than 45 mins of silence: the audio from an entire south park episode.



The glitches are a Skype problem, we're not exactly sure what's causing them, but it does seem limited to Gordon and Dave's machines.



Interstate arson over posting? Talk about a flame war... Gordon's Rant theme coming soon



I never have noticed audio troubles, which makes me think it's on your end. But anyways, for the past couple podcasts it seems as though, especially when Gordon and Dave are speaking, that there are often sharp drop offs in the volume of their voices, as well as some frequent indescribable auido glitch-like sounds that occur during the podcast (I haven't determined whether it's just Gordon and Dave). That's not even to mention their frequent low volume. I always have to cram up the volume while listening to the podcast. I love it though!!

Thanks for listening and responding to readers and listeners so well!!



Yeah, I've noticed that too. Sometimes, it makes a weird noise, like a skip; it makes the same sound for half a second and sounds really weird. I think it's on their end.

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