No BS Podcast #22 - The Summertime Fun Edition


No BS Podcast #22 - The Summertime Fun Edition

This week on the podcast, Katherine, Gordon, Dave, Tom, and Jeremy discuss:

  • Showdown LAN in San Jose and our upcoming event in Indianapolis
  • The latest CPU news from AMD and Intel
  • Proposed legislation concerning copyright and DRM
  • Google vs. Microsoft: Fight!
  • Enter AMD's Megatasking Contest

All that, plus an update from the lab, Ask the Doctor, Reader Mail, and Gordon's rant of the week.


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First off, I love the podcast - it has been a huge hit for me because it gets me curbs my appetite for tech news between issues, and allows me to get to know you guys....BUT (you knew it was coming)...
You want to know what REALLY pisses ME off?
1.) Cheesy talking ads that are a step even below Paul Harvey. At least his ads meld into the program and don't sound like some high school kid selling his monitor. Come on...if your advertiser thinks that ad will sell ONE monitor, the board of directors ought to be shot. You guys have criticized games for ads that distract from the experience ("EA has added a whole host of goofy in-game ads, which further distract from the gaming experience. - Will Smith). Don't do the same with the podcast. Do you want to start a Maximum PC podcast riot??
2.) Let me educate you on the difference between a geek and a nerd.

Geek - a computer expert or enthusiast ; a term of PRIDE as self-reference, but often considered offensive when used by outsiders.

Nerd - a stupid, irritating, ineffectual, or unattractive person

i.e. Calling us (by us, I mean you also) geeks is cool - I call myself a computer geek. Calling us nerds? Not so much. Maybe a discussion for the next podcast?

Keep up the good work - the podcast rocks...but won't sell any monitors.



Uh, well the ads dont bother me that much on the podcast, but in the magazine, the dam penis enlargement ad is really out of place. It sticks out like a...sore thumb. So whats next Smiling Bob. Well i love the podcast, and i will continue to listen even if it does have ads.



The Penis Enlargement ad won't be in Maximum PC again (after the August 2007 issue).



Personally, I consider myself both a geek and a nerd. While nerd was initially a negative term, I think we've taken it back from the people who would use it for evil. Now, if someone calls me a dork, it won't go well for him.

Ads are going to happen. An occasional ad will cover the operating costs of the podcast for months, and we have to have that revenue, if we're going to run them. (We can't do anything for charity) If advertisers don't have creative, then someone over in marketing will read their copy for them. The alternative is to put the podcast up on iTunes and charge $1/episode for it.



I Love PodCast. Keep up the great work.

I just want to see if anyone else thought that Dave the "Murph" Murphy Sounds just like

Will Shortz from NPR's the puzzle master presents on sunday mornings.

Check it out.



So, yeah, what was up with the ad there?

Just testing the waters, or did Jeremy feel the need to pimp a Westinghouse display?

I really hope you're not considering ads...




Ads are a necessary evil sometimes. It costs a fair amount of money to pay Jeremy for his services and for the bandwidth to distribute the podcast. We do the podcast for fun and to connect with you guys more often than once a month, it's not a profit center.

That said, we will continue to run occasional ads so that we can cover our costs. I promise we'll keep them short and tasteful (no penis enlargement pills!).



Episode 58 - Showdown LAN 2007

This was recorded @ Showdown LAN 2007 in San Jose, CA

We had the opportunity to sit down and talk with both Editors of Maximum PC and PC Gamer magazines!

Please check it out and take a listen @

--Chase and Kyle of Control F12

visit the LAN and Tech Podcast:



The Control-F12 guys caught me at about 11PM, so I was a little tired, and pretty frank :)... It's a good show though, I added you guys to my regular rotation.



Yay! You posted the best podcast on my Birthday!!!

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