No BS Podcast #21 - The Tuesday Edition


No BS Podcast #21 - The Tuesday Edition

This week on a super-special Tuesday edition of the podcast, Will, Gordon, Lauren the Intern, and Jeremy discuss:

All that, plus a live update from the lab, Ask the Doctor, Reader Mail, and Gordon's rant of the week. We'll also be recording a live Q&A podcast at Showdown on Saturday night at 9PM.


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For Jeremy, when he was talking about Opera (browser) disguising itself as IE.

I use Opera (and it is AWESOME, and free, All that crap about it having ads is untrue, that was a loooong time ago), and in it there is a drop-down menu for individual sites to disguise itself as a different browser. It is as follows:

Browser Identification
Identify as Opera [default]
Identify as Firefox
Identify as Internet Explorer
Mask as Firefox
Mask as Internet Explorer

The identify options allow light disguising, maybe if a site asks if it what browser it is.
The mask options /really/ disguise it, if a site forces it to tell what browser it is, you use these. I've never used the identify options, I just use the masks. You need them for certain things, like when some sites only enable options in certain browsers, or if a site only lets you enter it with a certain browser. For example if a site only has an option enabled for IE, Opera will be able to use that option.



Safari is nice for windows but it still needs some improvement in order to beat the Firefox and the IE7



I wish he had finished his rant about emo kids. I am a high-school student and the emo kids piss me off as well with their my chemical romance music, black clothes, makeup, and haircuts that cover their eyes.



Just another youth subcult like Punks, New Wave, Mods, Grunge, Teddy Boys, Skinheads, and the list goes on and on.

Every generation has got one or three.


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