No BS Podcast #20 - The Beer & Burritos Edition


No BS Podcast #20 - The Beer & Burritos Edition

This week on the podcast, Tom, Will, Gordon, Dave, and Jeremy discuss:

  • Media Center PCs and CableCard
  • Is SLI coming to Intel?
  • The RIAA vs. Universities
  • Google's Street View and personal privacy
  • Can Will best PC Gamer editor in chief Greg Vederman at Showdown LAN in San Jose?
  • Enter AMD's Megatasking Contest

All that, plus a live update from the lab, Ask the Doctor, Reader Mail, and Gordon's rant of the week.


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There's a contest. You mentioned the contest. You practically begged for entries. But I can't find anything about it. How 'bout a link right here, on the page of the podcast that mentioned it, for all of us weak-minded folk.

- B E A R 4 5 4

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