No BS Podcast #19 - The Early Edition


No BS Podcast #19 - The Early Edition

This week on the podcast, Tom, Will, Gordon, Dave, and Jeremy discuss:

  • PCI Express 2.0 and PCI Express specs for GPUs
  • Intel creating the world's thinnest laptop
  • The best ways to annoy your office cubemates
  • DDR3 Memory
  • An intriguing way to prevent laptop theft
  • Car telemetry

All that, plus a live update from the lab, Ask the Doctor and Gordon's rant of the week.


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What is the problem with the low audio on Dave, and especially Gordon? This is show 19 for christ sake. You tech guys should have decent audio by now.

Katherine always has a great audio level as do Jeremy and Will (Will about 98% of the time). Dave sounds like he is in a coma but I think it is just his personality. The guy has no enthusiasm and sounds like he is always very bored. The only time Dave seems to speak up is when he interrupts Gordon during his rants in an attempt to steal the spotlight from Gordon. It is like he is jealous of Gordon being the funny one. I'd like to see a USB cattle prod attached to Dave's chair so that it shocks him into speaking up when he talks. Either that or replace him with someone who gives a crap about the podcast because it is apparent he doesn't.

Gordon however, is the worst. Why is it every sentence of his starts off at a decent audio level and then trails off into a whisper? It's all the freaking time! I end up having to crank my MP3 player volume up to hear him and then he starts another sentence, or someone else laughs or speaks, and my ears get blown out. I re-adjust my volume down to a normal level only to miss everything after the first 3 or 4 words of each sentence because Gordon keep doing this. Why???? Will does this about 2% of the time but 98% of the time his audio level is great.

Dave and Gordon need to take lessons from Katherine as her audio not only sounds great, but is always at a decent level and never goes up or down. You have to remember that this is a podcast and not just a chat in an office.
Other than that the podcasts are great, including Gordon's rants (when we can hear them and when Dave isn't interrupting in an poor attempt to be the funny one). Lots of great tech info that no other tech podcats has, and I have listened to many.



Pretty sure the GDI could lay the smack down on Star Crafts human faction.

Great podcast loved the rant and the idea for the blackberry holder while using the urinal! Wish it was longer and had a little more reader mail.


Ultimate Tomato

Ok i hate to be rude but you've GOT to get Katherine off the podcast. She knows her stuff but...that voice! She sounds like she's been heavily sedated. The cadence just drives me batty, and she seems to have problems stringing a sentence together. Is she the voice of Posey from Mission Hill? Sorry but i'd much prefer her in print form.

Anyway, i otherwise enjoy the great podcast. Great info and always a good laugh from Gordon's rant.




Umm, Katherine wasn't on this podcast.



It came out kind of garbled - who was saying they like the original Warhammer 40,000 Space Marine?




lol, seeing someone walking around with smoke comeing outa there helmet from a smoking cigar...rofl. Great podcast guys..keep up the good work.


zine team279


From 27:00 on, I don't think I've heard anything funnier on the podcast. Great job guys.



Once again, another great podcast!

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