No BS Podcast #17 - Return of the Rant


No BS Podcast #17 - Return of the Rant

This week on the podcast Will, Mike, Gordon, Katherine, and Jeremy discuss:

  • Is Vista the last 32-bit Windows?
  • ATI's Radeon 2900XT
  • AMD's new Phenom CPU
  • Intel's P35 chipset
  • HP's newly updated 24-inch monitor. Does it still rate a 4?

All that, plus reader questions, a live update from the lab, and Ask the Doctor. Plus, Gordon's triumphant return to the rant of the week.


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To Clide who asked the Doctor question, here's my suggestion:

Make sure the SATA controller is installed and seen by Windows and install the drivers.

Clone the drive using Ghost.

Change the boot order in your BIOS. If the controller is external, it will probably be available as 'SCSI'.

Attempt booting under the new drive. Usually the boot loader will have an issue.

If it has an issue, do the following. Insert your Windows XP CD, and boot to it. Don't select the ASR, but wait until you're given the option of where you want to install XP. Select Repair. This will go through and look for errors, including that of the boot loader.

The best part of this is if this does happen to screw up the installation, you can go back to your 160 GB drive. (Meaning: DO NOT DELETE/FORMAT THAT DISK BEFORE MAKING SURE EVERYTHING WORKS!)

Welcome back Gordon!


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