No BS Podcast #170: The I Can't Believe It's Not Tuesday Edition



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At about 30:00 in one of you states thats your friend cannot come over and use your MicroCell with his AT&T phone. This is not true at all.

It is true that you need to register each phone number to your account to allow it access to your MicroCell, but that's a GOOD thing, you don't want just anyone using it. Once you add their number to your account their phone will connect to it whenever it's in range.

I added my brother's phone number to my MicroCell and the first time he came over since then I asked to see his phone and it automatically connected without him needing to do anything.


You guys are complaining about having this 150 gig limit? Do you know how much I would dream to have that much? I went over to Bell(In Canada) and their most expensive package was what they call Fibe 25. As you could guess it was fiber optics but guess what? For 60 bucks a month you get 70 gigs! 70. That's less then half of the cap they put on you. 


Be grateful for what you have! :)


Bullwinkle J Moose

Why should OCZ buy Indilynx?


Intel had the only good controller on the market that was OS agnostic and did not require a partition offset for an operating system such as XP

Since XP still rules almost 50% of the total OS market, OCZ might be soon marketing an OS agnostic controller packaged with an OCZ SSD

I found an older article with an OCZ statement that they had no control over whether the controllers they get from Indilynx or Sandforce were OS agnostic and that Indilynx controllers were some of the worst performing controllers for XP in a used state (after they had been used for a while)

So, by purchasing Indilynx, OCZ "Might" be selling an Indilynx SSD with OCZ modified controllers for XP computers to gain market share in that specific area and then marketing the Sandforce Vertex SSDs for Vista and Windows 7 machines

The benefit of OCZ owning Indilynx is that they could EASILY add the offset needed to make these controllers kick ass with XP machines and they would still perform reasonably well if you were to switch to a Windows 7 machine or dual boot to a Windows 7 machine with the Indilynx based ssd

That way they could Optimally market to ALL OS segments of the market with the best performing SSDs whether they were in a new or used state

This is not a hard fact but it would be a sensible marketing strategy to cover all bases

Here is the article I was referring to>



I've been using Opera since IE started sucking. I'd only briefly used it anyway, always using Netscape before. So, I've been using Opera ever since. It's fine, it was at its best about a year ago. I use Chrome as a secondary browser, I like it, but there's no easy way to move all my settings from Opera over to it. So unless Opera becomes a total dog, I won't be switching.

Wow, I had no idea a netflix video was so high def. Don't you guys have alternatives to using your big providers? That's really what the recent fuss here in Canada has been about. You're right that the secret to this way of charging is it's all about numbers. A family of four right now will spend the same for internet than a single person living on their own would pay. I watch a lot of streaming TV and movies and download a lot of Steam games on my computer. I still would rarely go over the 150 gig limit. 3.5 gigs is a lot for a movie, but it's still only a little more than 2% of 150 gigs. But if I had just one room mate who consumed as much media as me, we'd go over every single month. Imagine how much a whole house of people is going to cost? This a a vast new potential source of revenue... or a way to keep innovation down.

How does this DVD rental place deal with the sheer volume of requests they could very likely get?  <- Somehow seems more funny/ridiculous with the appeal for aid to Japanese banner above it.

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