No BS Podcast #16


No BS Podcast #16

This week on the podcast Will, Mike, Tom, Jeremy and special guest Kristen Salvatore, executive editor of PC Gamer discuss:

  • The state of online music
  • Vintersorg, call Will immediately!
  • Should your computer be more forgetful?
  • The current state of home automation

All that, plus reader questions and Ask the Doctor! Gordon is still away this week, so once agin there's no rant, but we expect him to be extra angry and sleep-deprived upon his return.


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Thank you for making the No BS Podcast available as a regular MP3 file! Now I can dowload the podcast and listen on my iRiver in my car.


(EDIT: Thank Will Smith for pointing out the Audio button... the change didn't seem very obvious, but thanks for clearing it up.)



we all have our bad weeks. I guess we'll wai for dave and Gordon to talk about AMD showing off it's 45nm proc and intel release of Santa Rosa?

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