No BS Podcast #12


No BS Podcast #12

This week, on the podcast, Michael, Katherine, Dave, Jeremy, and Will discuss:

All that, plus a live update from the Maximum PC Lab, reader questions, and Gordon's Rant of the Week, in this week's riveting edition of the Maximum PC Podcast!


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Do you want the podcast to be explicit? Want us to continue bleeping our foul language? Post below and let us know!



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Lose the bleeping! This is America and you guys are the only Kick Ass PC rag out there. Keep it real!



I for one think that censorship is a total farce... I'd rather have uncensored content thank you very much....



Don't censor the internet! Keep it hardcore and serious. Make your point to the extreme. :)





You mentioned Gigavox media in this podcast and asked what they did to be able to give such a useful tool away.

Well Gigavox media is headed up by the Podcast king Doug Kaye and was spun out from the IT Conversations podcast website which is one of the best for technical (non-PC) podcasts. (

The tool was written by Doug's team to allow their volunteer podcast editors to be able to produce quality shows in a timely manner.

Keep up the great show - I listen to this one, PC Gamer and Game Theory and love them all!


Andrew Beacock



I personally get a kick out of the bleeps during Gordon's rant. It sounds like watching The Sopranos on A&E (Mad TV even did a skit on that)...


jim kidd

You guys and gal are smart enough to not have to use the profanity. I love the podcast and I'm sure my 7 year old son would also. We won't know though until the language gets more civil.

My vote is for "no need for bleeps."



Just let it go, no bleeping.



I know that my opinion is not the popular one, but I hope that you'll leave the bleeps in. The reason is that I love listening to the podcasts and, of course, love the magazine. There is a lot of good information in the podcasts, but I wouldn't want to listen anymore if there was foul language.

Personally, I think it would be most professional to hold back on the foul language during the podcasts completely, bleeps or no bleeps. You are all professionals and I don't think the foul language is necessary to get your points across.

I appreciate you offering the podcasts for free and since I consider the podcast a bonus to the magazine I wouldn't cancel my magazine subscription if you remove the bleeps, I just wouldn't listen to the podcasts anymore. But I think it would be great if your podcasts could be profanity free.



I appreciate the bleeps. The bleeps allow me to be able to enjoy the podcast without having to do mental gymnastics around all of the cussing. Do you really have to cuss to make your point? I would like to think that you could have an informative enjoyable discussion without all the cussing. I would also like to think that people that read and create this magazine are perhaps a cut above the average citizen in the intelligence department. If you are unable to express yourself respectfully without the cussing then you are limiting the scope of your audience. I can't imagine that there are many ppl out there who will say to themselves, 'I'm not going to listen to MaxPC because they just don't cuss enough'. On the other hand... There are those who will not listen to the podcast because of the cussing. You guys know how to make the show entertaining with meaningful commentary and playful banter without using cussing as a crutch so I think you should emphasize those strengths. You have a great magazine and a great podcast I hope you don't distract from what you do best. eh besides you're not that great at cussing. Sounds like little kids trying to impress the kid down the street with 'naughty words' or something. yeah yeah and of course we all respond with 'ooooo, ummmm, did you hear what he said?' And puuuuleeeease this is not a 'freedom of speech' issue. Of course you are permited to speak freely. But just because you are allowed to do something or have the freedom to do it doesn't mean that it is the best thing to do. I am sure that men did not fight and die to give us freedom just so we could.... cuss? It all seems just plain immature to me. ... Anyway I have enjoyed the podcasts and I thought it was classy when you used the windows error sound as the bleep.




Will scared me when he said "and a rant from gordon...MAYBE" I NEED GORDON'S RANT.

LOL, I need it too! I live for that rant! I just hope he doesn't run out of things to Rant about. P.S. if you would like a "Guest" Ranter, I'll send in an MP3, but I don't want to distract from the MPC theme.

My only problem with the MPC podcast is that it's too short! I love listening to it on my cell while cycling to work, but it's only big enough for 1 days travel (bout 20-25 Minutes each way) keep up the good work!

P.S. I have fallen out of the PROCESSOR NAMING convention BS, and would love for an updated guide! is there one coming?

THERE ARE ONLY 11 TYPES OF PEOPLE IN THIS WORLD. Those that think binary jokes are funny, those that don't, and those that don't know binary



I really dotn see the point in the bleeps, since anyone can pretty much make out what they are saying anyways.

If you are offended from the swears, then don't listen to the podcase.

But on the other hand, the bleeps do make gordons rant of the week that much funnier.

but bleep or no bleep, i'll still listen.
Keep up the good work.



I vote for no bleeps. I want to hear the weekly rants in all their splendor. Also, please consider dividing the podcast into chapters for easier navigation. Furthermore, consider adding applicable pics at the appropriate times. Thanks!



If we add chapters, we have to switch formats, from MP3 to AAC. As far as I know, AAC only plays on iTunes/iPod, which doesn't seem like a good thing to do to our Windows oriented listeners.


Just Dew It

No bleeping



Stop with the BLEEPS! Are you listening to your audience? Do you care? Make a "safe for work and little babies" version if you like, but let us adults have access to Gordon sans censorship. Or tell Gordon to use a more interesting vocabulary if you must, but the BLEEPS are incredibly annoying. They distract. At least turn down the BLEEP sound effect if you insist on censoring your podcast like good little politically correct sheep. Your "hardcore" "no BS" rep is being BLEEPED out the window.




Will scared me when he said "and a rant from gordon...MAYBE" I NEED GORDON'S RANT. great podcast guys.



Well, the only concern i have is for the younger audience. Maybe let the small ones threw but, the big F word and things like that be bleeped. I know if i had kids i would want them to read and listen to maximumpc, but i would not want them hearing constant and pointless cursing.



Don't bleep out the content! I'm not MSNBC!



I don't care about the explicit language or not.

What I find odd about the swearing is the lack of real word use. You guys are writers and should be in command of the language to paint real disdain for products and situations. Not just meaningless graffiti comprised of Carlin's infamous 7 words.

The movie Rob Roy was one of the harshest movies I've seen for language but they were using language, not generic profanity.



I don't know how many people listen to this at work but I do. So the keeping the bleeps would be a better choice for me, but I do seem to be out numbered.



I totally agree. The bleeps are irritating. The language does not offend me at all. Kill the beeps and speak your mind.

Doctor X



The Bleeps piss me off more then anything else. They are annoying!!! If bleeps are wanted then go listen to mac life.



No more bleeping =)



No more bleeping!!



I personally dont care if the comments are bleeped or not bleeped , even so , I wouldnt let the language get in the way of what point or statement you are trying to get across. ...who's gonna start a ratings board equivalent to the motion picture society or the EBGames commission ;)


zine team279

Download the audio content from:

[MP3 Format]



No reason to have them. If you don't want to hear them cuss, then don't listen to the podcast.



Sounds good to me. Get rid of the bleeps. This isn't a radio show and I see no need to filter any content. Keep up the great work. Bleeps or not I'll be listening.



Is there anyway to download this week's episode WITHOUT having to use Apple Itunes? I've always preferred downloading directly from the website and playing it on my winamp client.



What address should I send the candy to? Do you like sour candy or would chocolate be more appropriate? Gummi Bears? Li Hing Mui? Sweet Tarts? Pixie Dust?


zine team279

Kill the bleeps.
Or have both formats, for whatever you choose. I do have a feeling that the census is going to go with no bleeps.

I say down with Jeremy and his TV-Bleep-Rules.

Or just the bleeping.



I throw my vote in the hat for no censorship. I can understand the barrier for the language in the magazine, but on the podcast, let it fly.

The Vidikron projector you were discussing is also THX certified. ;)

Sure there's reason to buy PS3s: Folding@Home!

Last, but not least, since it was mentioned, I tried to listening to the Mac Life podcast, and oh booooyyy... snooze! The editor in chief would score low on the Geek Quiz. *snicker*




What do we suppose the BS stands for in Minimum BS ? Let it fly, it seems more honest and less "politically correct".
My vote is for NO BLEEPING

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