No BS Podcast #11 - Updated!


No BS Podcast #11 - Updated!

Welcome to another riveting edition of the No BS Podcast. This week, Michael, Gordon, Dave, Jeremy, and Will discuss:

  • HP's projector technology
  • Gordon's hand's on time with the Asus's C90S
  • Web browser market share info
  • Hacking AppleTV
  • AGP Videocards

All that, plus a live update from the Maximum PC Lab, reader questions, and Gordon's Rant of the Week, in this week's riveting edition of the Maximum PC Podcast!


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I just listened to this podcast (#11). You were mentioning the fact that there is never a problem encountered with XP not shutting down properly. (Then you went on to praise Bill's product. Which is surprising even from you guys. . .) Well I beg to differ.
I live in Italy and the power is unstable at best. A couple times I had to reload XP after a power hit. The computer power supply and motherboard were fine. I had a firewall and the latest updates installed, plus antivirus. I purchased an UPS and have not had a problem since.



Right... and what is more, there will be an G80 mainstream part hitting the AGP market in the near future. I am not so sure about an R600 AGP card, but if I am not mistaken that is in the works too.



I heard you mentioned the best spam in web email.
What is interesting, however, is that Microsoft is hosting the first 2007 Live Spam Competition at Conference on Email and Anti-Spam ( The deadline is May 1st. The actual competition begins August 2nd-3rd.

This is probably the least boring thing that CEAS has done. Too bad it is about three and a half months way. To kill time, there is always catching up on last year's conference notes. ;)



you guys made a mistake about the video cards. XFX has released a 7950GT AGP.

here is the link.

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