No BS Podcast #97: Logan's Run



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this episode was not the gratest but in compairson to episode 99A this is frickkin fantastic episode . at least the guys had a allbeit longwinded plan in place before this episode , which i more than i can speculate episode 99A had . 



Hm....MaximumPC fanfiction, what an interesting thought... ---evil smirk---

Maximum PC Fanfiction
By FluffyCerberus
Dedicated to the awesome people over at MaximumPC.

Disclaimer:  This story is in not intended as a slight to any of you wonderful people at MaximumPC, especially not you Gordon.  Podcast #97 happened to mention fanfiction and it got me to wanting to write a story for you guys.  This story is just meant to be a fun bit of drivel to lighten your day.  Hope you enjoy.

Wasn’t sure about dropping the F-bomb in the comments area, so I edited it out.


Another Day at the Office


“Whats up?”


Sigh…Another boring day at the office.  Here I am stuck at the office on a beautiful day, which we only get about 360 of a year.  There’s Butters – damn forgot we can’t call him that anymore, f--king political correct bullshit – doing his usual crap.

There’s intern Who-zit and intern What-zit doing whatever the hell it is they get paid to do.  Wait why is Who-zit drinking from my Star Trek mug that I had locked in my desk drawer??

Goddamn interns.

And there’s Will using my Red Swingline stapler that I brought from home, but of course he never returned.  I swear it’s like my stuff is community property in this office.  Ya, just smile and wave buddy, you won’t be smiling when I get to my rant today will you?  No, I don’t think you will be smiling at all….

Ah, safely ensconced in my Lab.  No one and nothing can bother me here.  And if one of these piece of shit computers acts up, I can just grab “Oliver”, my trusty magnetic screwdriver or “Lola”, the twenty pound sledge hammer sitting in the corner there – I always did have a thing for larger women, after all if baby doesn’t have back then she has nothing – and show these electronic idiots what happens when they f--k with me.

Dave always got a kick when I would threaten the hardware and it would suddenly stop working.  Except for that one Video Card.  Of course, after “Oliver” and “Lola” got through having their way with it, the thing wasn’t able to cast a shadow, let alone render them. Heh.

And since that Video Card was made an example of, everything else has worked pretty much spot on.

Hmmm, I wonder if that means the robots will rise up before the zombie apocalypse?  Eh, either way we’re f--ked.

It’s almost 3 o’clock. Time for that goddamn podcast that always seems to be interrupting my work just as it gets good.  At least I don’t have to sit in a room with 3 other people since I put Skype on my computer down here.

I wonder what I should rant about this week…  The idiots at Costco really pissed me off the other day.  Why I can’t seem to take less than 30 minutes to get through the line to buy a hotdog I will never understand.  And there is that idiocy that Butters is advocating, like Archer could ever take Kirk in a fight.  Janeway would be in his bed making her doe eyes at him inside of 30 seconds of meeting him, that I’ll concede Butters is right about.  Oh, and what about the new harebrained scheme of the bean counters to save money.  They actually want a PC magazine to stop plugging in so many electronics!  And that they took my damn Star Trek coffee mug again!


“And here is Gordon with the Rant of the Week”

Ah, my introduction.  Here we go.  I’ve been waiting 45 minutes to get to this thing.

“You know what pisses me off…,” I start to rant and then pause.

Dead air.

“Um, Gordon…You there?”

“Ya, it’s just….I realized something….”


“I’m… happy."


“AHHHHHH!!!!!”  Gordon woke up screaming in bed.  Startling his wife who had, up until that point, been having a very nice dream about bunnies.

“What??!?” she asked, very concerned.

“It was the worst thing ever…I was sitting in The Lab with Skype on to do our usual podcast and it was my turn to do the Rant of the Week.  And I realized…..I was happy.  I actually like working at the office with Will and Butters and everyone, even Nazi boss from hell Catbert.  I had not one f--king thing to rant about.  Oh my god it was a nightmare!”

“What?” he asked.  “Why are you looking at me that way?”

“Gordon, honey, I think it’s time you took a vacation…”



 I think the MaximumPC peepz died from the zombies, thats why there isn't a 98th podcast.  Were all doomed, doomed I said doomed.  Ah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! immm getttttinnnnn  eatinnn riteeeee now helpppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppp!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Willie Townes



Whoo ok, i was starting to wonder about zombie apocalypse problems at the MaxPC headquarters....



FYI, we took this week off the podcast. We'll be back next week, but we needed a little more time to prepare for our 100th Podcast Spectacular.


Keith E. Whisman

Prepare? What's there to prepare for? You have like episode 98 and 99 befor episode 100. Perhaps the final episode? Or just say it's the final episode to scare people... 

I know I'm evil like that. 


Or you can do this... Just confuse everyone. Make the next Podcast episode 101. That would really screw with everyones emotions. 



WHERE IS NUMBAH 98?????????????????

Ive been waiting since friday!!



that is how I think that tab SHOULD read. and I do agree that the phone interferance was alot! and was not professioinal. those of you with the Iphones should turn them off.



Ok, so podcasting is a "young" medium...i'll give that.

The last podcast was inexperience speaking mostly, it was tedious to listen to.

I miss boot magazine more each issue of the was a time when we tech inclined "built" and "hardware and software hacked" kludged for those old enough devices to make them bend to our desires and will.

maximumpc w/ will and gordon guide the discussion and comments in a manner befitting a tech based coverage topic. too much has become pc gamer... i use the latest greatest stuff-when i can afford to buy it. but NOT FOR GAMING! i do cad and design engineering, use lots music related gear and don't need video fps ratings faster than my eyes. i do need hardware and software and devices to perform!  topic ideas...

what can be done to maximize the media center boxes we all are currently tv, apple mini, ps3, xbox, linksys media center (i own this and will be hacking it soon) Boxee, XMBC.

How about hacking personal media players...rockbox, ipod touch apps that mod it better than itunes ect..

i don't listen for the ski report, the lunch counter sandwich updates or gaming info those generally belong on a different podcast and also not in maximumpc mag. 



Keith E. Whisman

It's not really fair for us to tell them what to print in the magazine. I say lets start our own magazine or perhaps an email newsletter. In fact that's how alot of magazines get started is from a simple newsletter that gets expanded as its popularity increases.


Keith E. Whisman

Is there going to be a podcast this week? #98 for the week of February 23rd?


Max PC Rox

Good list of apps.


Quick question. 2 weeks ago said "Hacked by Gh00st" Was this true or just a joke?

When I tried to load the site from a search engine it would bring me to the anti-virus 2009 site and add a virus to my computer PC tools anti-virus & avira blocked it)






Unfortunately the site was hacked, and I lost the main index file. All of the MP3s are intact at, but if anyone has or can find the old index file I would really appreciate it! Thanks!




Apps that MUST be installed on a new machine:

  • gVim
  • VLC
  • Firefox
  • Powershell
  • PuTTy

Gordon and Will are no longer allowed to be gone on poscast day unless they can come up with an approved substitute. Norman gave it a shot but in the end was not able to fill the shoes. Sorry Norm.



You guys forgot one of the best freeware apps ever, Katmouse.

With it you can scroll whichever window  the mouse curser is on without having to first give it keyboard focus. Why this isn't an option in Windows I have no idea (OS X works this way by default), it's really stupid to have to click on the window just to be able to scroll in it. 

Other apps I use are Irfanview, utorrent, tugzip (I far perfer it to 7zip, it manages .7z and much much more),



I was bored during your last podcast. But I thought I'll wait until the end and give these youngsters a chance. Damn, you guys need some speaking skills! Very disconjointed, rambling, and boring!!

 Bring me back Will & Gordon!

I look forward to your podcast every week. But this one was a bust!


Keith E. Whisman

Like you were never 12.... I remember when I was their age and I wish I was as entertaining. The podcast was OK. 


campa_killa becarefull this generation does not take sarcasm too well. They get guns and kill everyone and then blow their own brains out. So just be friendly and lie.... ;) 



Here's a list of programs I put in on a clean install:

Irfanview(image viewer), Utorrent, WinZip(it handles RAR and ISO's now), DIVX, Startup Manager by Brad Stowers and finally CleanUp by Steven Gould, a utility that does a one up on XP's Disk Cleanup. Just make sure you run it in demo mode first.

P.S. Please turn off the cell phones b4 taping.



The production value of this podcast was terrible.  I got to the point of turning it off after the third occurance of mobile phone interferance.  You guys are better than this.  Get it together.  Also, couple of folks sounded WAY too nervous and stammered a couple of times.  That is not a huge issue, but it does not lend itself to enjoyed listening.  This episode felt like the junior kids were trying to fill in for the senior guys and were not quite ready.  Not saying that is the case, but how it felt or was perceived.


Other than that, I always look forward to hearing the podcast.


Edit:  I count 6 or 7 phone interferences.  Come on!!  You gotta be kidding me!  :(



video podcast would be sweet!!!!!

Asus M2N-SLI mobo

Apevia X-Cruiser

AMD Athlon X2 5400+ OC'd 3 GHz

2 9600 GTs OC'd 700

4GB DDR2-800 OC'd 870

250GB Sata 7200 Hitachi ans 160GB IDE Caviar

600W Mach 1

X-Fi Professional Fatal1ty Ed




had to delete



A few points about TPB:

-All admins claim the moderators handle all of the torrent removal -- disctretion is up to them.

-Brokep claimed that the emails were SPAM. They didn't respond to him after he said 'no more', so in his opinion these companies deserved to be ridiculed.

 -P really is failing

-Follow at 2 AM CST.


I rewrote the article for about Newell's Keynote. 

Gabe Newell gave a keynote at the annual Dice Summit on Wednesday, covering game sales and how discounting games have impact on dollars made. Newell pointed out the fact that while discounting games may seem to deeply affect the amount of money made per sale, people will readily jump on the deal if the price is right. During the holidays, games that discounted their prices at a rate of 75% saw a 1,470% increase in sales of the game. By allowing themselves to easily make changes in price, Newell claims that it is easier than ever to see the direct effect of sales that they put on - without frustrating consumers or retailers. Still recently, Valve slashed the price of their latest triple-A Game, Left4Dead. Newell said that the price slash along with the promise for new content, spiked sales as high as 3,000% - selling more copies than they did when the game launched. Even after the sale had concluded, they continued to sell roughly double the games that they were selling prior to the sale.

 So? Are games too expensive? Possibly, possibly not. Putting games on sale shouldn't only be used to draw attraction to the game, but to make consumers happy and to re-affirm the company's brand name as a gamer-friendly establishment.




Finally: Games at $50 can stay at $50, but the games should be put on sale more often from $50. Take Call of Duty 4 for example. It hasn't moved from that pricepoint.


Keith E. Whisman

I think Gabe Newell really gets gamers... Cool I'm glad he does.



Alright. First, have everyone on. So that means:

  • Gordon
  • Will
  • Norm
  • Andy
  • Tom E
  • Nathan 
  • Alex
  • Katherine - she hasn't been on in months
  • Florence - OMG it would be two girls lol
  • Any anyone else I've forgotten

Second, make it an hour and a half or so. Third, definetly make it a video episode.  That would be epic. Also, if you could get Dave "TheMurph" Murphy and Jeremy Williams back, it would be sweetness.



*tips his hat to you, good sir*



I will restate what I have said before, I would LOVE to have a video podcast from you guys. Unedited too. Sounds kick ass. Gordon can demonsrate the shit that pisses him off, and draw diagrams and graphs regarding the angering imagery he shares with us.



How do you guys know about Tim Hortons??? You're from Utah and California! The only franchises they have in the US are near Buffalo.

You must be happy about how the Sharks are doing Andy. Are you doing any coverage of the 2010 games?



I visited vancouver/Whistler a few years back and it was just one of those places that I remember as being awesome and foreign.



Haha @ Tim Horton's being foreign, you need to travel more!



Yeah, I´d love a video podcast for the 100th! I always wonder what you do while other people talk.

Probably I don`t wanna know?



play miniature golf.

-- Norm



I think a video podcast would be epic!

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