No BS Podcast #93: The We Suck at Improv Edition



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I liked this live version. you guys should do a few more through out the year. And the Gordon's rant break sound effect is only 2nd to the the Law & Order "doink doink".



As a note about the linksys wrt54g version 6 router question:  The caller might try flashing his router with dd-wrt micro as that will fit on the version 6 router.  I had the same problem with my version 8 router, even when updating to the latest linksys firmware.  After flashing it to dd-wrt, it hasn't frozen yet! :)


Keith E. Whisman

Guys great podcast as usual. I really enjoyed it. Will this be the new style for the NoBS podcast? I hope so. It was really freaking funny. 

I fully agree with Paul Lilly on his awarding NIS2009 with a 9KickAss. I wonder what objectably would a AV suite require to get a Perfect 10 score and if it's even possible. I understand a 10 has to be perfect and a leader in it's catagory. It seems to me that NIS2009 is that if not very very close to being the best AV product you can get. And for $49bucks it's certainly not the most expensive either. But as I said without a doubt Paul is dead on. I also agree with his choice for best free AV product. I used Avira Antivir befor I started using NIS2009. I tryed on all of the free AV products available and found Avira to be the easiest on resources as well as a fairly quick scanner. But what really won me over was being able to right click it's task tray icon and choose to disable it so I could free up resources for gaming (an old school trick and possibly bad habit). NIS2009 allows me to just as easily shut down the AV for gaming and I have to tell you that that is a feature I really appreciate, Nice touch Norton.

Also I fully agree with your assessment of Window 7.

Thanks for taking the time to produce this podcast on your own time. I personally appreciate the hardwork that goes into these podcasts and I just want you guys to know that.  



Over the last week, I have been unable to hear the last few podcasts via Audio MP3, Internet Explorer 7.0.6 (Vista SP1) says the old "This page cannot be displayed", and I don't have (or want) iTunes. Is this my machine, or is anyone else have the same problem? Thanks!



Get Firefox! Stop using crappy Internet Explorer!


I Jedi

I just got the new issue of MxPC magazine and I thought to myself that the only thing that could truly make my night more happy is to hear a brand new No BS podcast. Knowing my luck, however, I knew this probably would not happen for me. I come on for that faint glimp of hope and there I see the wonderful picture of No BS podcast and the newest downloadable podcast from MxPC. You guys rock. Oh, and you made my night, too!


Keith E. Whisman

Be sure to take a look at page 102....... :)



You the man Keith!

And congrats! :)

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