No BS Podcast #92: The Long Walk Home Edition



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I have one because l like the full sized keyboard. No, I usually don't take it with me. yes, I have trouble finding a laptop carry bag for it.



Did you like the card? :-)



Hg Dragon

I've seen people referr to 7 as "VistaFixed' or "Vista Second Edition," and I agree with this for the most part. I've been playing With the Beta and I'm enjoying it. The new Taskbar is like the bastard chile between the OSX dock and Windows Quicklaunch. Devs need to code for the "pin to Quicklaunch button" feature as it is easily one of the most useful and time-saving features if done correctly. I'll definitly be grabbing this when it goes on sale. Now let's hope they square away their pricing scheme as well. 


fake gordon mah ung

Loved the deconstruction of Star Wars. Still laughing.


Keith E. Whisman

Great podcast.... Thanks for taking the time out of your tight schedules and your personal time to produce this podcast for us(your fans and loyal readers of MaximumPC magazine)


You guys deserve a pat on the back and a hearty we love you. Keep up the great work with the podcast and the magazine and I love the layout in the magazine. My Art teacher always told me to fill the entire canvas. Don't leave any empty spaces and that's what you guys are doing and from a trained eye I can see the effort. It's not easy to set up an artistic photo. 


Also I loved the Star Wars rants. 



I Jedi

Although I love hearing you guys talk a lot about different shit, etc, I am glad that this podcast was more focused on computers/software. Great podcast, guys. Keep it up! Oh, and make 100th No Bs podcast super long!!! :} (Gotta pop the 100th cherry with something, right?)



wat was that thing about twitter at the end. can i just put a d like this(minus quotes) "dbixnerd" or is it something else.



is nothing new.... our GMC SUV that we bought in 07 had that.


and my grandfathers vett that he bought in 02 had one too.

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