No BS Podcast #90: Holiday Cheer



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The best place I have found for patches and other gamer realted stuff) is Gamers Hell (or alt. Gamer Shell) at No registration required. Lots of things to download w/lots of servers. Also each server is identified by its place along with its usage in a handy bar. Happy gaming.



I agree with the above commenter, gamershell is a great resource for finding patches, no registration required. 

UPDATE:  I agree w/ gordon about the absurdity of google indexing wikianswers that don't have answers!  That drives me nuts! :P


"Life is about living, not stressing" - a very smart girl :)



After listening to this podcast I thought I'd let you guys know about the best site I've found for game patches with No registration required. Games On Net is a file library with pretty much anything you could want.


Keith E. Whisman

Oh my god. You guys didn't even give me a chance to get pissed off about not having a podcast. Thanks for the hardwork and Merry Christmas. You all deserve the paychecks you get and a pat on the back for a job well done.

Thanks for all the entertainment you guys provided me both in the Magazine and on the website including the podcast that is quite possibly the best podcast ever devised. PC gamer is good but just isn't as good.

Thanks again guys and I love you. Heres an cyber virtual pat on the back. 



My only complaint with these pod casties is that you guys always say that you're going to post links into the show notes, but whenever I look, I don't see them.  Put them in!  It's always interesting so there's nothing to lose.

 Keep up the great work.



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