No BS Podcast #86: Hologram Fail



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Hey guys, still loving the podcasts, but it would be nice if, when you refer to stuff like videos of the microsoft surface, and the footage from dSLR video capabilities, and even a bizarre picture in the outtakes, that you give us links above. Thanks.



On Nathan's report of the WD media player......

This sounds similar to products that are made by a company called TVix.  Basically they are external HD enclosures with all the usual AV outputs for your TV, but also have wired/wifi network connections as well as usb.  You can play content off the HD within the unit, off a usb attachment or stream from a network share.  This unit also doubles as an FTP repository (NAS), external usb drive, supports loads of codecs, plays internet radio and firmware is upgradable to support future codecs.

 I bought one of these a few months back and it has taken the hassle out of watching stuff in my living room - highly recommended.


Check them out at





where is the podcast?



Keith E. Whisman

BTW it's Friday where is my podcast?


Keith E. Whisman

The Marines use a .22cal adaptor for the M16 during training because they simply use lots and lots of ammo. I was told that the marines use 10X more ammunition than the Army does during Boot Camp. The .22 is great and so is the .223 round found in the AR15, CAR15 and M16 carbines. 

I'd arm myself with an CAR15 with as many ammo bandaliers as possible loaded up with stripper clipped .223 rounds and about 9 or 12 magazines. Each mag pouch holds 3 magazines and each magazine holds either 20 or 30 rounds.

I would also equip myself with a Ruger 10/.22 rifle with 10 hicap mags stuffed in my pockets and as many 50round boxes of FMJ .22 rounds I can carry.

I would also carry a couple of loaded .22cal pocket pistols in my jacket pockets and a holstered USP .40cal ACP pistol with a few spare mags and a brick or two .40cal bricks in a ruck sack.

In my ruck sack I would carry one clean and dry BDU pants and shirt. 2 tshirts and 2 briefs. 4pair clean socks and a poncho. As many MRE's I can carry and a reverse osmosis hand pump water purifier with a collapsable water bladder. Two canteens on my belt and two rolls of toilet paper. Toothbrush and shaver.

I would need a solar charger for my electronics that include night vision goggles.

With this load out I would make my stand against the living dead.


And yes the .22 will kill a cow and most definately a person. I had a man die in my arms and he was shot from 30yards with a ruger 10/.22 rifle.  



The .22 is perfect in every means for a zombie invasion.  For those who think otherwise I have to tell you, contrary to popular belief a good .22 rifle can kill someone from up to 1.5 miles away.  Those heavy calibers are great up to about .4 miles (most models).  Up close a .22 is even better with its fast reload and great accuracy with iron sites bc of the lack of recoil.  For a light all around great gun the .22 is perfect.  If you need heavy for whatever reason go with a 6.8 or AR15. And remember synthetic stocks are cool but the recoil makes it useless. Go with wood. Just my two cents.



The deuce-deuce is more than enough, and yeah plinketing with zombie heads would be fun.  So remember when the zombie end comes pick up a .22.


.22 Long Rifle: 140 ft.lbs  of Force

Force used to penetrate a human skull: 75ft.lbs



Gordon, I might have to disagree with you on the zombie stopping power of a .22.  Sure you could hold 10000000 rounds, but .22 really have no stopping power at all.  You would have to have a spectacularly placed head shot in order to bring a zombie down with a .22.  You are much better off with a higher caliber rifle.  Unless you need the kids to do some zombie killing too.  Then by all means, give them the .22! 



If you are getting constant crashes while using V.A.T.S and random in the Wasteland turn off AA and AF.

While in Vault 101, the game ran perfectly. As soon as you go into the wasteland you will get crashes and especially in V.A.T.S. 

Turn off AA, and I havn't crashed since.

Windows XP 32 Bit, 8800 GTS




From hell's heart, I stab at thee.


Keith E. Whisman

Are you guys sure about the Holograms? They said that they were real when I watched them. The guy said he was looking right at her as if she were in the studio with him. Why would he lie? The media never lies and neither do politicians... If it was fake like you guys say then I'm never going to get excited about new tech eminated from CNN.



Gordon Mah Ung is da BOMB I LOVE his rANT

.222 is good but 7.63 is better for stopping zombies



Yo whats going on with this podcast.  ITS ALL BS NORMADO PODCAST whats up with this guy? Someone needs to kick him off his high chair.  Jezz Tom where the hell are you and  Will..  this was huge FAIL episode.  One thing thats always awesome is rant of the week.  Bay Bridge Assholes never fails. Honk the Horn FULL BLAST none stop until they drive away ROFL.   btw get dave to do a guest apperance in the future that would be great podcast for sure w/ gordon and dave epic   I had to finally register and say something about you're podcast cause i really do not want more of Normando and huge head of his.  Balance out the is girl talk?



"btw get dave to do a guest apperance in the future that would be great podcast for sure w/ gordon and dave epic  "

You're too kind.  ;)



I thought it was just fine...



its a mashup dj.



Alright, so NOW you tell me that if I send in my own question in .mp3 format, that it can be longer than 1 minute!!!!!  I worked my ass off to get my question under a minute (podcast number 85) just to find out that I didn't have to!!! Aww poo!!!

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