No BS Podcast #80: Don't Worry, We Won't Call You Butters, Butters



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It has been a while since I listened to this podcast. But I had it on my to-do list to mention Linux LiveCDs as a solution to the network question posed during the podcast. Someone asked a question about a bad network card. And the solution given by the editors was to try a different OS. I think they said to reinstall Windows or something like that. 

I just use Knoppix, Damn Small Linux or Puppy Linux when I run into a situation like that. And it works. I once proved OS X was being a bitch and the NIC on an eMac was OK by running PPC Ubuntu and connecting to the Net. 




Hey, I called in this comment as well, but Vista SP1 removed Search from the right-click context menu.  As mentioned, the Explorer window has the search in the upper right hand, so just browse to the folder you want to search and head north-east.

While search has improved by indexing, it has drastically degraded in terms of the user interface for advanced search.  Putting aside the animated dog which you disable on 1st use, XP offerred the ability to narrow your search to certain specific ffile types from the Search GUI interface.  Vista offers no such ability other than overly broad categories of 'Email, Document, Pictures, Music'.  There are plenty of command line switches that you can use to narrow the search, but if you don't know them, you're SOL.  I can't see why the right-click menu was disabled, nor why they watered down advanced search functionality in the GUI, but that's progress!



We should be grateful? Why? You made up the time when you un-gave us a podcast on 3rd week last week.



so, instead of right clicking, you open the drive use search in the upper right corner of the window. i find it easier than xp's annoying Little interface with the animated dog. on top of that if you have indexing on it will ony take a few seconds to search the whole 4TB and it can even look inside documents like pdf,  txt, rtf, doc...

no f-ing  way i would have left a tip, i wouldent have even paid if it was that bad!




You can disable the animated character in Windows XP. And indexing sucks ass, because it slows your system down all the time while it does it.



Indexing slowed down XP but not Vista. Read up (I/O Priority section):




There a search box on every fracking window in Vista! Are you serious?!? There's no right clicking, there's no looking inside menus, there's no nothing, it's just there, always. Just type in what you're looking for. You're still thinking the XP way, where everything has to be 50 clicks just to do a simple search. You don't even need a single click in Vista - just press Ctrl+E.

And yes Gordon, if you go into the C: drive and use the search box there, it will only search the C: drive and not the entire computer. Same goes with any folder or window.



Gordon was right - where's my f**king search option!? Vista Ultimate x64 screenie

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