No BS Podcast #73 The Red, White & Blue Edition



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I am like dave, for some reason i reinstall windows a least once every 3 months. Also i like vista 64 bit sorry but i love having 8 gigs of ram. my only complain with vista is its UAC and it is annoying.



The NO BS, Podcast should be changed to NO, BS Podcast. Where is this weeks podcast?



It seems to me to be a no-brainer that Microsoft believes they need to spoon-feed the console market while shutting the PC gaming market in the basement with yesterday's leftovers. Xbox is still a money-loser for MS despite huge expenditures trying to capture market share. The only way they're going to improve that situation is to increase sales of the xbox and of xbox games. The more xbox-exclusive titles they have the more likely they are to attract gamers. Thus, the more gamers there will be to buy third-party games. Isn't this the real cash cow of console gaming, licensing fees paid by third-party game developers? And what does MS get from Windows game developers? Nada.

O.K. ... so maybe that's a bit over the top. But it seems like a plausible line of thought on their part. Not that I agree with such a strategy.


fake gordon mah ung

So close to being named MaxPC Steam group player of the week... If only
Nightwing were a little more difficult to find. Damn your persistence,
Will Smith!



Hi guys,

Love the podcast, and have been patiently waiting for you to keep your promise that the podcasts were going to be in the Zune marketplace--soon.....  But that was about 3-4 months ago?

What's the holdup?  Did MS reject you because there was too much cursing?  Or was there so much awesome PC knowledge in your podcast, that it would make the PCMAG podcast guys sound like noobs? (true).

Oh, I know the real reason it's not in the (Microsoft) Zune Marketplace.  It's because you guys really do love Steve Jobs, as I've gathered from hearing all the drooling over the iPhone, and now you crowning the Apple laptop as the best laptop :-)



finally a longer podcast woot!



I found the link after putting it in the search box. Maybe it should be easier to find?



A great game for the PS3 is Rachet and Clank Future. Its third person so gordon wont like it but its awesome.



Contrary to a comment made on the podcast this card does exist;



yeah, i sent Will a link to that page while we were recording. his instant message response: "ew."

-- Norm



Will Smith will never have a next generation media player? yeah right. As a long time PS2/3 user, you know youre always gonna buy one.   And I havent had any problems with 2.4 firrmware.  Where are you Gordon?





Complete the free offer for a free 360 Elite


fake gordon mah ung

This is not where I want to comment. Confusing UI!

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