No BS Podcast #204: Intel's Haswell CPUs, Nvidia's GTX 770, and 4K Displays



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I laughed at the thought of Gordon having an RPG in his rolled up pants.



I would do your sound.



Good job on the podcast! To the young reader inquiring about Nathan's remarks on people using "u" instead of "you" - I believe the term he used was "cohorts," not "generation," so I think he's including everyone reading the magazine/listening to the podcast as his "cohorts", including you, you little 7th grader you!

Also, it was quite amusing listening to Gordon rant about airports. Loved his gesticulations! :P


John Pombrio

Heh, I DID upgrade from a EVGA GTX680 superclock to an EVGA GTX780 superclock. But I will not upgrade from Ivy Bridge i7-3770K to Haswell i7-4770K.
Very nice podcast. Thanks!


Insula Gilliganis

-- Great podcast as always moderator Josh (aka Time Nazi).. chock full of deep, in-depth tech discussion!! Thanks for bringing out the podcast a bit faster than usual (4 days instead of 5). Mic levels were good and even the music wasn't overly loud, although the music needs to fade out, not just stop suddenly (sounds unprofessional)!! And thanks for commenting on my previous episode comments!!

-- Josh, if you are ever looking for negative podcast comments, I provided plenty back when Nathan ran things.. sample podcast comments I previously posted (feel free to use)..

podcast #183 - "Unless something radically happens, the MaxPC podcast "jumped the shark" a long time ago and is now currently enjoying it's "11th season of Happy Days" phase."

podcast #182 - "after about 34 minutes into the podcast just about all tech talk ended and was replaced by Elves/Klingon, zombie weapons, and applying to be an astronaut discussions.. About two thirds of this podcast was full of non-computer, non-tech related material.. how is this NOT BS??"

podcast #180 - ".. unless you all can iron out your technical difficulties AND produce on SOME regular schedule (can't do at least every other week?), I find your podcast an unnecessary waste of time for you to produce and me to listen to. You make a great magazine and website.. but a lousy podcast!"

-- "Don't talk down to your readers".. HEY, I think Josh was referring to my previous podcast comments!! Thanks Josh for remembering I requested that!!

-- If cursing/swearing is so positive and beneficial for the podcast, why is there none of it in the magazine??

-- RARE Gordon praise--> Gordon was spot on with his Haswell analysis!! Perhaps AMD's FX-9000 will get close enough in performance to the 4770K while undercutting it in price for Intel to notice!! Unfortuately, it's 220 W TDP would probably melt Nanook of the North's igloo if he ever ran one on air!!

-- 26:15 - "OFF TOPIC!!" AWESOME Time Nazi Josh!! Glad your goose-stepping is starting to rub off on Gordon (42:06 - "We are way off topic")

-- While on, "Ghostery" shows DoubleClick, Facebook Connect, Facebook Social Plugins, Google Analytics, iPerceptions, NedStat, ShareThis and SkimLinks, while "Disconnect" shows 11 blocked items from Google and Facebook. Why so much "hidden stuff" on your site??

-- 1:18:30 - "Taking "Gone with the Wind", adding a little bit of color to it".. uh, sorry Gordon but "Gone with the Wind" was always in color!!

-- According to Wikipedia (, it wasn't the Government that stopped Ted Turner from colorizing movies but.. "because of the high cost of the process, Turner Entertainment stopped colorizing titles". The 1988 "National Film Preservation Act" didn't outlaw "colorized" films, just mandated that such films had to be labeled as being colorized.

-- Gordon's "are they going to remake everything.. what else are they going to ruin" argument is weak because so many things are "remade", and who is to say what can and can't be remade. And why just apply that rule to movies?? How about no remakes on songs? But, unfortunately, the version of Bing Crosby's "White Christmas" that is heard by everyone isn't the original 1942 version but a 1947 remake. Does that "newer" version ruin my memories of the original?? What happens if no one has any memories of the original version but thinks the remake is "the original version"? Why must the "original" be better than any remake?? What about no remakes on cars? But do the newer versions of the Mustang, Camaro and Challenger, all which look like the 1960s-70s versions, hurt anyone's memory of those older cars, especially since the newer versions are probably superior in most ways than the originals??

Gordon (aka "Let's complain about everything guy in the studio") needs a "no rant remakes" rule so I don't have to hear him talk about "fighting an ostrich" or "George Lucus died during SW VI" again!! Whoops.. too late.. Gordon already "remade" those discussions!! Because Gordon did that, he has ruined his rants for me!! I really think there needs to be Government laws about what Gordon can and can't rant about, making sure he doesn't repeat himself. And there needs to be National Guard members sitting next to him while he does the podcast to protect me from ruining my memories of his past rants. Problem solved!! And I am sure Gordon has no problem with any of this!!

-- With all this movie talk, thought Gordon was going to review "Star Trek - Into Darkness" but no such luck. My wife saw it twice and thought it was better than the previous reboot.. but I disagreed with her logic and gave her the Vulcan Death Grip. Luckily, no such thing exists and my wife lived!!



Your "Audio MP3" button links to the wrong file.



Thanks for catching that.



What's the break music?



Will there be a video version?



We just uploaded the video on Youtube.

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