No BS Podcast #203: Nvidia's GeForce GTX 780, Reader Questions, and an Intern Rant



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"Note: We're having our video-editing monkey slave away at editing the video. Provided he doesn't keel over, we'll embed it as soon as we can!"

Well, it's only been 8 days. Editing a video podcast must be seriously time-consuming. Or perhaps your monkey-editor has keeled over after all?



I've been holding out for the video because in the first two minutes it sounded like they are showing you something to the camera so I stopped it. I think their video-editing monkey has keeled over :(



Sorry for the delay - we were shipping the magazine last week and it was a bit hectic.



I have a Tesoro keyboard too. Didn't think anyone else had one.
Just wish the software was better.



Great podcast! Somebody remind Josh to grill Gordon for his main system's specs on the next podcast. I was so disappointed that he wasn't there to answer that question.



I don't think Gordon has high-end PCs at his home, it's more of a quantity versus quality thing. I am pretty sure he has like six mid-range PCs.


Insula Gilliganis

And now, for something completely different.. a REAL comment that has nothing to do with making $ from home using a website!!

-- Josh, overall another good podcast. Thanks for making the effort to post an episode every 2 weeks, although I still have a bit of a problem with the "timeliness" of it.. 5 days between recording and posting. I understand the podcast is way down on the list of priorities but, since you take the time to produce it, you might as well post it PDQ!! This time the delay wasn't a problem since you were smart to discuss the GTX 780!!

-- Sound was good EXCEPT your intro and outro music is WAYY louder than the vocals.. please save my ears and equalize the music to the same level as the vocals!!

-- Stop "dumbing down" the content.. didn't need to go into a 5 minute review of recent nVidia Kepler history to explain the GTX 780. How about assuming your audience has read your magazine and visited your website with some regularity thus has a basic knowledge of items you cover. Why else would they be listening to the podcast unless they were already interested in these subjects!!

-- Nathan once did a story on thermal pastes ( why don't you keep his list up to date. has a large list of thermal pastes and other items (like toothpaste, cream cheese. etc) they have tested. The site use to add to this list every so often but this apparently stopped over a year ago. Here is the last update I could find.. ( More recently, Pugent Systems did a roundup of 11 thermal pastes back in November..

-- Josh, you apparently have always had bad luck with hardware.. have heard past tales of you destroying equipment in the lab!! Also, thought I remember you saying years ago you had a system with water cooling and a 30 inch monitor.. given up on water cooling??

-- Josh mentioned working for the Consumer portion of where he mainly evaluated the experience an end-user would get from buying a pre-built system from vendors such as Dell, Puget, Gateway, etc. Here is an example of what he wrote.. ( - Josh, am I correct in assuming that the systems sent to you back then were anonymous, that the vendors had no idea that what was being sent was going to be evaluated? This isn't how it works at MaximumPC.. the vendors DO know their system is going to be evaluated since Gordon has mentioned in the past working with a vendor to correct a problem. Any thoughts on the "anonymous vs known" method of evaluating pre-built systems? Wonder if that would make for an interesting article.. comparing 3 vendors sending a system for you with full knowledge it is going to be evaluated but also purchasing the same systems anonymously?

While at HardOCP, Josh also took time to bash computer magazines ( Josh, any thoughts on any changes, positive or negative, that might have transpired since you wrote that article?

-- Going back like 15 years to compare boot vs MaximumPC content is a little silly.. a better comparison is seeing if the content has increased/decreased/stayed the same during the past few years. For this comparison, I used the PDFs found on this website, since they don't have any ads in them thus contain only editorial content. Draw your own conclusions from this sample..
Dec, 2012 - 68 pages editorial content
Dec, 2011 - 68 pages
Dec, 2010 - 63 pages
Dec, 2009 - 70 pages
Dec, 2008 - 57 pages
Dec, 2007 - 59 pages
Dec, 2006 - 62 pages

-- I usually bash Gordon's rant and I am going to have to do the same for the Intern's.. kind of stupid going off on something that isn't even out, that hasn't been reviewed in it's final form, that the Intern hasn't even touched!! How can someone get so angry about something that he basically has just seen a "movie trailer" about.. it is like trying to figure out how good or bad "Man of Steel" is by just its trailer!!

-- As usual, the GMU soundboard is better than the real thing!!

-- The prisoner letter reminded me of back years ago when Josh sent some prisoners IT books (along with a file)!!




1. Thanks. We held onto it for the GTX 780 discussion, which lifted on Thursday. We had planned on releasing it that day, but our intern had finals and got a little behind on editing. The rest of us were working on the magazine, so we're doing the best we can. Sorry for the delays.

2. We are working on the sound normalizing. I'm not sure what happened on the last one but let us know how we did last time.

3. Point taken.

4. Thanks for the links. I've sent that link that Nathan did to a few people who've asked about it.

5. I've not had that bad of luck with hardware, everyone here has destroyed their share of hardware.

6. The systems were ordered anonymously and you are correct in that they did not know they were being reviewed, but they were being shipped to "paying customers" so many of them had detailed break-in logs, etc. At Maxpc they know they are being reviewed when they send them.

7. My thoughts on that article are that the limitations this medium faced then are still present now, but I'm happy to be back at Maxpc mostly because of the staff and the loyal readers like yourself. I enjoyed my time at [H] but it was a totally different experience.

8. The intern is new; he'll learn!

9. I remember the file in the book :)





...I don't think Josh is going to read this on the next podcast.

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