No BS Podcast #202: Intel's New Atom, Adobe Creative Cloud, Windows 8 Sales, and More!



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WOW! I think " Insula Gillianis" Nailed it.



Sounded great guys.
Gordon drops the f-bomb as much as I do. Rants about the same things too. haha


Insula Gilliganis


-- Podcast recorded on May 7th but not available to download until May 13.. why so long to post?? Unless I don't look at a technology website or listen to a technology podcast until this is released, the news you discussed is really OLD news to me thus I am less interested in hearing your opinions on it. Why can't this be released within 2 days of recording??

-- Why is Windows 8 selling 100 million during approximately the same time frame as Windows 7 achieved that amount big news?? This should have been totally expected and unexciting given..

"The first indication of Windows 8's growth came from Microsoft itself. The software maker announced 40 million license sales in late November, noting that Windows 8 was outpacing Windows 7 for upgrades at the time. Shortly afterwards, in January, 60 million license sales were announced, the same amount as Windows 7 at practically the same stage in its early lifecycle." (

Why are Microsoft's numbers to be totally trusted? Even Microsoft lover Paul Thurrott has questioned on his podcasts and in his site "Windows 7’s curiously regular monthly sales", which were strangely consistently 20 million per month.

And what do Windows sales have anything to do with people liking or using the OS.. even Vista supposedly sold well, according to Microsoft, when it was first released..

"Windows Vista's numbers keep growing, with Microsoft Corp. saying Thursday that it has now shipped 88 million copies of the operating system, almost double the number of copies of XP in the same amount of time at its launch. In late July, Microsoft said it had hit the 60 million shipment mark with Vista. Microsoft had previously said that it had shipped 20 million copies of Vista in its first month and 40 million copies of Vista in the first 100 days." (

What matters to Microsoft is that they sell a product.. what matters to people is if that product is good enough to use.. and people aren't using Windows 8 to the same degree as Windows 7 or even Vista during the same time frame despite Microsoft saying that so many Windows 8 has been sold..

"Windows 8 now commands no less than 3.1% of the PC market.. Windows 7, after five months of public availability, had captured 10.5% of the market. Even the much-maligned Windows Vista did better than Windows 8 at release — and in fact, to this day, still has a larger share of the market than Windows 8 (5%)"(

-- Gordon: "It's a better OS than Windows 7.. once you put a Start menu and a desktop mode and a start back into it.. it's a better OS once they do that" Funny how Gordon thinks that if the Start menu came back and having the ability to directly boot into the desktop that then Windows 8 would be perfect.. so is that all the difference between receiving a 10 and the verdict of 7 Dave Murphy gave during his review of Windows 8?? MaximumPC also gave Vista a verdict of 7 (Jan 2007, pg. 45).. any coincidence?? Perhaps Paul Thurrott (Windows Weekly podcast/Supersite for Windows) was correct on the May 7th "What The Tech" podcast ( when he said "What they (Microsoft) shipped was patently incomplete" (6:37) & "Windows was woefully incomplete" (8:55).. and Gordon thinks just getting a Start menu and boot to desktop makes this a "better OS" than 7, which MaximumPC gave a verdict of 9!!

-- The Old/New Coke analogy works well.. Windows 7 is old Coke, Windows 8.0 being New Coke with Windows 8.1 being Coke Classic!! Actually, at it's essence, it is really about Desktop (Old Coke) vs Metro (New Coke).

-- I have known for years Gordon was a total Microsoft apologist/suck up but now he also is the same way for Intel!! He feel completely for Intel's marketing about the "new" Atom!! Didn't Intel in the past say great things about Atom.. the same Atom Gordon said was.. "not a slow piece of crap like all the previous ones.. I hated Atom". Did Gordon believe Intel when it previously hyped Atom..

"Cedar Trail chips are said to contain significantly improved graphical and multimedia capabilities when compared to their “Pine Trail” predecessors"

If Gordon didn't believe Intel's claims back then, why should he now?? Gordon, how about testing the "new" Atom first and seeing how it pans out before foaming at the mouth about how GREAT it is!! Stop acting like Pavel's dog whenever you read something from Intel about how amazingly awesome their future product might be!!

-- I bought 1 of those OCZ refurbished SSDs from Newegg a couple of months ago.. 90GB for around $45.. put it in a spare laptop that is just used for web surfing and it has done fine. I agree that refurbished tech can be iffy but for $45 it seemed like a cheap way of speeding up an old seldom used 2009 laptop.

-- No discussion about power supplies being incompatible with Haswell chips

-- Another weak RANT.. can't bitch about anything more current, important or interesting than old movies and Facebook?? Also, the ostrich discussion was so 58 podcasts ago! Here is a theory for you.. I really think the REAL Gordon Mah Ung died during the recording of podcast 150, which is why it hasn't been released, and has been replaced by a cheap Foxconn knockoff (AKA "The George Lucus switcheroo")!! I rather listen to 10 minutes of the "Gordon Mah Ung soundboard" than the real (replacement) thing!! An alternate theory is that the real Gordon died but was regenerated as a Microsoft/Intel loving zombie who can't do anything but repeat the Wintel corporate line!!


-- Good job on volume levels!!

-- Josh does a great job moving the discussions along.. No BS unlike the days when Nathan ran the show (the BS was thick back then)

-- A lot of stuff for me to bitch about.. mostly whatever zombie Gordon (or his clone) says!!



The lag on the publishing of the podcast is due to several factors.

1. Video takes longer to edit/sync.

2. Our intern has been busy with finals.

3. We are busy with the magazine too.

Thanks for the feedback - I agree on all points regarding Gordon. :P



Bullwinkle J Moose

Windows 8 update should be portable right off the bat

Microsoft can easily see if 2 or more copies of Windows with the same serial number are being used anywhere in the World on the Internet and shut them ALL down if they want

I like to run my same system wherever I happen to be

The OS should go back to bootable removable flash storage and boot directly into RAM (including the virtual machines)

If it's EASILY made portable, I will finally consider this new coke

Sorry, that was an insult to new coke



I'm somewhat confused by the "20% more" statistic. Didn't you guys go from 4 participants to 5?



What specifically are you referring to?



Come on; the number of MPC staff in the podcast. It's a 25% increase.



I would have to agree with Jimmy. I don't like the idea of having something I purchased being controlled beyond the point of sale. I paid for it. I want something physical and tangible. Could you imagine buying a piece of land that is in the cloud and you can only visit it through a minecraft server? Its kind of like what happened with cpanel. You use to be able to buy Cpanel and own it for life. Now what they are doing is charging you a monthly license fee.



keep it up... loving the video podcasts.



Awesome podcast! Though I have to disagree about running 1440p or 1600p on a 670 or 680. 95% of games will run maxed out with those cards at those resolutions. Crysis, Metro 2033 and maybe Far Cry 3 are among the titles that cant go completely maxed out, with those i just turn down AA.



I agree, I have that card, a bit OCed, and a 2560x1600 monitor and stuff runs fine if I don't go full AA. At that res low AA is fine too.

I think people like Gordon go a bit overboard sometimes for graphic power. As long as the card has high memory it's fine

I don't understand why Tech sites always bitch about SLI and Crossfire (they are right to do so) but then turn around and recommend people do it.



Apple actually used $17 billion in bonds to raise capital as opposed to repatriating their cash overflow from overseas. Smart move on their part considering the (great) financial standing that they are in.



So you guys got rid of that potato you've been using to record? :D



Nope. Believe it or not, it's actually the same camera (GoPro 3 Black Edition)! We just changed our editing software and video encode. :)


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