No BS Podcast #199: Windows Blue, $750 Budget Build Off, and More



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Just in case Gordon needs any rant material, I ran into the following quote in an article on how windows 8 is killing PC sales:

"This is horrific news for PCs," said BGC Financial analyst Colin Gillis. "It's all about mobile computing now. We have definitely reached the tipping point."




I'm really digging the podcasts on a more regular basis. Keep up the good work guys!



Hey guys, I'm liking the new schedule of releasing more episodes. I would like to also suggest a webcam live feed like you guys once did, even though it would be a shitty setup you can broadcast live on ustream like some other podcasts. I did have a question about whether or not the expensive quad-channel ram mobo's are "better" than other boards but I might save that for an email.

Also, someone keeps on mispronouncing ASUS again -- is that you Norem? "Ay-seuss." Repeat once again -- "Ay-seuss." Here's the link: in fact here's your own guys' link on how Bruce Lee tells you how to pronounce it haha:

Bring back the Murph for a treat cast too, can't go wrong there :)



what about the evga shroud type coolers. some of there classified cards are at like 1100mhz



You are beginning to take me back to the good ole days when weekly podcasts existed and CD's came with my new issue every month. I'm liking it!!!!!



Yes, it was Coolit that made those peltier/TEC coolers. I had a (rebranded) one in my first gaming PC, which I got from Velocity Micro. Did a pretty amazing job with the temps but it was louder than sin; I'm sorry that they seem to have abandoned the tech rather than refining it.



I don't pirate games, I buy games I want to play. But I HATE DRM.

I won't buy SimCity despite enjoying previous games in the series because of it's always on requirement. HOMM6 won't let me play when servers go down. In 10 years those servers will be gone. I continue to play games from 10 years ago. I don't want to buy a game for a year or three.

It annoys the shit out of me that Far Cry 3 makes me run their launcher. What happens if/when Ubisoft folds, or is bought by another generic mega company? Will I be able to play FC3 in 10 years?

Here's to hoping I'll be able to find a hack so I can run games whose DRM is defunct. I've had to resort to that route in the past.

Random ramble, but all DRM haters are not pirates.



I am in the exact same position as you. Some of my favorite games I can't play (I loved every HOMM game but I refuse to get 6 due to the DRM on it which just isn't needed!). I won't get Battlefield 3 just because it's an EA game that has EA's retarded DRM on it.

I have a kick as gaming pc, I7, 8 gigs ram, GTX 670, 30" Apple Cinema Dispaly, and I love PC Gaming. If I didn't I would not have bought all this equipment. But I live out in the country where my net connection isn't even 1mbs down! My cell phone gives me faster download speeds off of tethering but then I have a limit on how much I can use it.

My point is these companies do have the right to protect their investments but they need to come up with a better way of doing it than always on drm or "5 installs, 10 uninstalls and then your done" like Batman Arkumn City. I'm sorry, if I can only install that many times then I'm not buying the game on PC, only leasing it. Thats bull.

I agree that there are a lot of pirates out there who use DRM as an excuse or complain only when the DRM works but there are a lot of us out here who are starting to become tired of these big companies treating everyone like they either have 10mbs net connections and can always be on anyways or like we're the enemy.

Sins of a Solar Empire was a great example of a game that didn't have any DRM but you couldn't play online if you didn't pay for it. Tomb Raider with Steam is another great example (took me 3 days just to download it, thanks Square for no CD versions available to purchase). I have no problem with common since company DRM choices. But how many people have not bought a game BECAUSE of the DRM? If EA's DRM stops 5 people from illegally downloading a game but also stops 5 people from legally using the game the way it's ment to be used then is it really fixing anything? But we are the enemy and since we're the enemy we're wrong.



For #200, I'd love to hear a few clips from #1, 50, 100, 150 re: "the awesome power of current technology"...maybe about dream machine #1, too? Yes, I'm old too. I've paid $100 for a 1MB stick of RAM (yes MB!) and $400 for a 486 CPU... but prices over the history of the podcasts would also be an interesting featurette... Enjoy 'em... keep them coming and "way to go Rant Man!"...keep up the great work.



Great idea. 'Also love to have them bring in some old-scool folks as guests: Brad Dosland, The Saint, etc.



And that Murphy guy.  He's pretty awesome; bring him back!



so when are we going to see/read this Battle you speak of?



It's in the June issue - going to the printers soon :)


Insula Gilliganis

I just received the May issue yesterday.. not sure if this is early or late compared to others.. so assume not until late April will I be reading about said "Budget Battle".. unless you all spoil the anticipation and post it online before then!!



I'm always looking on MaxPC for the latest news and reviews on a daily basis. Just been a while since I've had the time to listen to the NoBS Podcast. Good times. Thanks for making this!



I can't say that I cared for Catzilla. The restrictions for the version I had were ridiculous and removed my ability to use it as a benchmark for a before/after processor upgrade.

The scores in the version I had showed large fluctuation on each run, at one point giving my lower scores for a 6870 than a 6850, and then it told me that I could no longer use the version that I had. Of course this happened after I'd upgraded my processor, making it useless as a benchmark from a point of scientific integrity and, since my numbers on the GPU tests radically changed between versions (with GPU remaining the same) practically useless as well as I cannot trust the scores to be comparable. Other GPU-based benchmarks barely changed across my processor upgrade.

IMO the bench itself is tediously long and asinine--everything wrong about Japanese movies & anime all condensed into one product--and it looks horrid in the 1024*540/1280*720 resolution choice that I was locked into.

Seeing sketchy numbers, questionable upgrade methodologies and the obnoxious benchmark graphics, on top of the lack of elementary skill with the English language (as exhibited on the benchmark's site), I don't see how anyone could countenance paying for Allbenchmark/Catzila. I just do not.



Can't say I was too terribly impressed with the video quality of it either (at least on the freebie version). The particle effects were cool to watch, but that cat fur looked horrible.

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