No BS Podcast #198: SimCity Debacle, Xi3 Piston Pricing, and More



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Finally listened to the podcast Monday and I'm glad to see things are getting back to normal (more podcasts). I really enjoy them!

And I agree with the rant about apps are for smartphones.

Thanks Max PC!!!!!!!!



just to note 3.5" bays are actualy 4", and 5.25" bays are 5.75". the 3.5" and 5.25" mesurments refered to the size of the floppies that went in the drives. when they came out with new 2.5" form factor they keped with tradition, and named it 2.5" even though it was 2.75"



Wow. That didn't take long for someone to pull a Nathan and tip out the door early... :-)



Had to catch my space shuttle! :P


Centurion 41

I don't use iTunes to get your podcasts. I used to use Zune Marketplace (which still works), but now get it via my Windows Phone 8 via the Music+Videos native app (WP8 does not use Zune anymore). I don't know what service WP8 uses as the Xbox Music app in Windows 8 Metro doesn't do podcasts.

You might mention the other ways people get your podcasts, especially since you are linked to Microsoft in the same way Mac Life guys are linked to Apple. I acknowledge that iTunes is king of the hill, but a mention to Windows related podcast services would be appropriate in my opinion.



I also refuse to use iTunes. It's a pig, it's slow and it's annoying.

I have podcasts pulled by an app on my Android phone and tablet that sync to each other.

How do I leave a review for you that counts?



Just FYI the conversion from standard to metric is 25.4mm to 1". Great rant about how they combine standard and metric measurements on hard drives and solid state:P. Maybe someone from the states created the 3.5 and 2.5 standard width for drives and someone from the uk or 3rd world created the standard for how thick the drive is.



Loved this episode, great combination of news, discussion, and I like Gordon's non-cryptic rants. After selling Apple computers for two years, I completely agree with the lack of "innovation" with the Mac Pros. While it is a high-end machine, there needs to be more though put into it.

Something else for Gordon to rant about regarding the Mac Pro (Please make sure he reads this, it will really tick him off), is that despite it being 2013, this "high-end" machine only has SATA 3Gbps connections for it's hard drives. Their "Ultrafast Solid-State drive options" are severely limited. A feature in $55 motherboards is lacking in this top-dollar machine.



You guys were talking about the SimCity launch, and I was reminded of a horrible experience I had with one of my favorite games of all time!

Dragon Age II. So I was going away on a work trip for four months on board a ship. No internet access at sea. I had purchased Dragon Age II and purposely did not play it, so I could save it for the downtime while I'm underway. I did the initial installation at home with internet so I could download all the updates, get registered etc. Then, the first day aboard my ship, sure as shit, the offline, single payer game pops up a screen complaining it can't connect to the server, and will not let me play the game.

I was furious! I was planning on wasting a hundred hours on this game, and now I had to talk to people and socialize. Barf!

I called their customer support. The lady didn't know specifics about the game, only that it was an offline game. She was perplexed it didn't work.

I don't like it that an internet connection has become as assumed thing. Just because I'm on a boat in the ocean, doesn't mean I don't want to play Sim City, or Dragonage, or even single player Battlefield. Games that require an internet connection at all should be specifically marked as such - and held accountable for that compatibility.



Sweet. Like spherehunter said I hate Itunes so I can't give you a rating. However I did get the android subscription finally thanks to this podcast so there is proof that it's worth doing.

Keep it up, love listening to Gordon rant.



I would like to give the podcast a rating, but I hate iTunes. I love the podcast. Keep them coming.



The "Audio MP3" button on the front page version points to episode 188, not 198.



Ah, thanks for pointing that out. Fixed.



Gordon references Tropic Thunder and The Big Lebowski in one podcast... Awesome!



Yay! Another podcast! And hey - Jimmy's back.



My back? What about my front? :P



I listen to MaxPC's podcasts to hear Gordon. :P No offense to the others. :/




I love my MPC podcasts!



WHAT IS THIS?! Another podcast?! I might start actually believe you guys finally got your shit together.

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