No BS Podcast #196: Nvidia Titan, Windows Blue, and Your Questions



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Thx for the Slimware Drivers info. turned out my jmicron drivers for my esata ports were from 2006.



Hell yea, I use CoreTemp too! I also don't usually reboot my PC, or shut it down. I hibernate. Its much faster to get back to the desktop than to shut down/boot.



What I like about my console is that I rarely have issues with it, be it device working or game play, plus I can have the PC doing something else ~ so both devices can do their maximum thing. Yes the console falls behind the PC, heck the PC falls behind the next model shipped, and it would be keen if the console had component upgradeability ~ just drop a new processor or addin akin to the PC, maybe the future. Either way, different tools ~ even those tablet and phones are knocking.



Insula Gilliganis - the only thing i agree with that you posted was the bit about Gordan being interrupted during his rant i did find that a little annoying but truthfully the topic was much more universal than most rants.

As for the REST of what you had to say.. deal with it. people swear. This is a podcast not a piece of literature published in a magazine. You have a choice to listen or not. Gordan may be a intel fan but i am as much a amd fan it doesn't make me dislike him more.

Josh Norem may move things along quickly but he isnt perfect. They are trying to do the podcast more often as well so im sure we'll see improvement. They are also on a schedule and they DO NOT make money from a podcast. They make money from a magazine, which is their job they get paid for. If you want to BITCH then find something wrong with the monthly publication. Furthermore in order to improve on something one must constantly do that activity to better a particular skill. *waits for Insula to say public speaking isnt a skill*

If you want a cut/ dry/ BORING ASS podcast go somewhere else.
I enjoy the Maximum PC NOBS Podcast (btw did you know BS stands for Bull shit so how could you not expect swearing) while driving, if the podcast was any less than what it is my commute home would be no different than listening to a college lecture.



By Andraste's grace, another podcast so soon?!




If you want to get paid for the podcast, I would pay for episode 150.


Insula Gilliganis

-Another good episode hosted by the "Podcast Nazi", Josh Norem. Josh, I would call you the "Hitler of Podcasts" but then "Godwin's Law" would be invoked so I won't go there. Good job again keeping the discussion moving and on topic. I am glad you eventually found the "correct" side of the mic to talk into.. before you did, sounded like you were talking from inside a barrel! Also good job getting the podcast out very soon after recording it.

-Puget Systems has a nice "PC Hardware Articles" page I go to on occasion ( not updated very often but has some interesting topics like the best way to apply thermal paste and 2 articles on "SATA 3Gb/s vs. 6Gb/s Cable Performance" (first one done before Gordon did his similar testing)

-Interesting to hear that boot times still is something worth discussing since I can't be alone in putting my Win 7 laptop to sleep whenever I don't use it. I probably only boot that machine once a week if that.. and with the SSD in it, it probably isn't longer than 20 seconds or so to fully boot.

-Thanks for my daily "overdose" of swearing.. kind of makes you all sound a bit idiotic. My Mom use to tell me that the dictionary was full of words.. use them all, not just a few over and over again!

-Fun to hear Gordon talk about Apple fanboys since Gordon is the driver of the Wintel fanboy bus! Notice how many times in Microsoft/Intel discussions he says "we" like he is on the Wintel payroll. Glad Gordon admitted on the podcast and in print that he is a troll ("I’m an IIBT board-certified troller").. makes it so much easier to ignore his Apple bashing comments, which he seems to do with the zeal of a Steve Balmer "developers.. developers" speech as Gordon can't get through a podcast without doing it.. or perhaps it is just an OCD thing.

-When I typed "computer definition" into Google, this is the answer I received.. "An electronic device for storing and processing data, typically in binary form, according to instructions given to it in a variable program." Doesn't that definition makes cell phones and tablets "computers" then? Gordon just thinks "computers" are Wintel machines and everything else is crap. Does Gordon still think it is 2003 when Microsoft had 96% of the "Global Market Share of Personal Computing Platforms by Operating Systems Shipments"? There is now a lot of "everything else" out there since that 96% has now shrunk to 35% ( with iOS and Android having 45%.

-No video podcast is needed.. waste of bandwidth just to watch talking heads. I never watch the "Tested" podcast, just listen to it.. I already know what Will, Norm and Gary look like. I do wish MPC would do more short in-house videos for the website.. the last one I see posted is from Nov, 2012 about the NUC and there were only 4 done for all of 2012 after there were a lot of videos done in 2011. Do more of those.. give me a reason to come to this site more often!

-Good discussions about the pros and cons of Google Glass along with talk about how social etiquette will change because of "GG" during this week's "This Week in Google" podcast ( as well as last week's Gillmor Gang (AKA "This Week in Scoble") podcast (

-As usual, Gordon's so-called "rant" was weak, partly because it has now become a "community rant" with everyone "ranting". Gordon's rants were better when it was just him going off on some stream of consciousness tirade without being interrupted. Will Smith was good at letting Gordon just go off uninterrupted but nowadays everyone gets involved with the rants!



Best to just ignore this guy because he has absolutely nothing important to say. He just likes to type up long-ass comments to see his text on screen. Kinda like how some people spout garbage just to hear themselves talk.



then stop listening, or do you just need a reason to be a troll?



Damn it...another one? Already??

(I keed.)



Where's Jimmy? Did he die? D:



No, I didn't die. We just feel that four is the perfect number of people in a podcast, otherwise it can get kind of rowdy with people stepping on each other's toes...errr...words....well, you don't actually "step" on people's words, but you know what I mean!

I'll be back. I'm just glad to know you care. *single tear rolls down cheek*



just a quick suggestion Jimmy, could ya'll possibly make an "all rant edition" podcast this year like there have been in previous years? I liked those episodes of all the rants from the past year cut up into one. Just a though.


Peanut Fox

Someone HAS to make an app that scans people as they walk by and throws up some random gibberish before displaying a powerlevel.



fuck yeah new nobs



People who say they're first to comment are lame as shit.



I don't believe anyone is in a hurry to make first post. Not like YouTube here. XD

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