No BS Podcast #193: Asus Pronunciation, Intel's Future Plans, and More



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Hey, I remember Gordon saying he was into great flash lights. Which is your favorite under $150? I'm in the market.



Like computing, it depends on your requirements. "EDC" pants pocket carry? Belt holster carry? Jacket carry? Car flashlight? Does it need to to be "tactical"or with lots of "throw" or range or put out a wall of light aka "flood." Is there a light requirement? Is there a power requirement? (Primary disposable batteries or rechargeable?) You should probably look at:


Surefire P2X Fury

Surefire G2X Pro

Surefire 6PX Pro

Surefire EB1


Foursevens MMU-X

Foursevens MM-X


Fenix PD32 Ultimate Edition

Fenix PD22

Fenix TK22

Fenix TK75

Fenix TK35 U2 bin


If you go for a light that will run on 18650 cells (basically laptop batteries) factor in the price of the cell(s) and charger and buy quality protected cells which won't go nuclear on you (AW/Readilast or from the light maker itself.) The Foursevens MMU-x runs on a 26650 cell which you should buy from them. I have the older version and it's a scorcher of a light and fairly small for carrying in a jacket pocket. I'm a fan and customer of all three brands but Surefire is clearly the Cadillac of the three. Made in the US and built like tanks with customer support that is unmatched. If you have a problem with your light in four years, they will fix it. Period.


Fenix makes really solid, very cost effective but high performing lights.


Foursevens is also quite good with some real gems in the lineup too and stateside-based support for Another company that has a reputation of making built-like tank lights is Elzetta.


If you're into rail lights, check out Surefire's new X300 Ultra. A scorching 500 lumens of output on two cells with an optic so you get a bit more range out of it than other comparable lights. Well worth it.




I like how there is pronunciation confusion for acronyms. MSI = Missy?

What about Gigabyte? Jiggabyte? Kinda like when Doc Brown says "Jiggawatt".



It has been A-susss (like cuss) for me since 2000 and always will be.

I knew someone who called PNY "pony"



My girl friend says it as ass ooz

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