No BS Podcast #190: Gordon Returns and an Intern Appears



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Laptop Adapters...

Good article! Welcome to my website, and we can have more communication!!!



Okay whats with saying physx doesnt work with radeon on borderlands 2? It work with my core i7 and radeon 6950. Is there a limit on the cpu before it enables that option? I have physx set to high by the way.



Same here. I've been running Physx on High on my 1080p laptop with a Core i7 2670QM CPU and Radeon 6770M GPU. Smooth as silk, except during huge shootouts and inside the Caustic Caverns level (lots of fluid simulation and particle effects going on in there). I see Low, Medium, and High in the options menu.



When we tried it here the Physx option was greyed out in the menus. We're still trying to see what exactly is turned off in-game. 



Loved it!, I was surprised by the chemistry even if it was the first one with this cast.

New host (i wanted to name him but he said "myself" at the end and i missed his name) did a splendid job, first good "strait man" for Gordon's rant since Will left.



Excellent podcast! I must admit that after the last one, my expectations were somewhat low due to all the "umm's, aah's" and other awkward speech disfluencies. The audio was well done if not the best it has ever been, I look forward to the next one, keep up the good work.



I thought it was funny that you felt rushed to hurry along and wrap things up halfway through. I love the 90+ minute podcasts! Great topics. The rant was kinda short, and i am always looking forward to Gordon's emotional rollercoaster.
Thanks guys, keep them coming!



Thanks, prepare for my reign as emperor of the world.
Then you shall make a Podcast on a weekly basis.
Consider your self warned.



Good show, I was a bit worried considering the "newer" crew cast. But, pleasantly surprised. Too short of a rant of the week?

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