No BS Podcast #187: Now With More Murph



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Any info on that Catleap Monitor? Did yall get it in yet and test it out?



How come this episode isn't showing up on iTunes like it's supposed to? I've tried several times to access this episode on iTunes, but to no avail. I finally had to download the mp3 file from here directly. VOT GIFS?? HMM??



What was the alien sensor app that Gordon was trying to demonstrate? Got to have it.



Couple of things: First, if you're getting one of those dongles to connect the USB header on the motherboard to pass-through cables, check to make sure it'll actually fit -- I originally got the Lian Li version and because it's kind of Y-shaped, I couldn't use it -- it was bumping into my graphics card. I just got one that runs a couple of extension cables, though, and it works a charm.

Also, I think the bumper for the rant should have the word "month" very clumsily spliced into the audio at the appropriate point.


MdX MaxX

This was the funniest podcast in a while! I wish Murph could make an appearance more often!



Yay, a podcast!!! It's been entirely too long! :)

In regards to the Catleap monitors, we have been looking at and lusting over them over at PC Per for a couple of months now. Our intern Ken decided to bite the bullet and buy one off of Ebay and he recently reviewed the Acheiva Shimian 27" :)

Check it out and keep on podcasting!! :D

PS. I'm /still/ waiting on my Raspberry Pi :(




It's not on haven't posted the file on feedburner...are you waiting for something?



Sorry, it was mistagged. Should be correct now. 



I liked the tablet bashing part. Especially since I'm typing this and listening to the podcast....on my tablet.

BTW if anyone has trouble with tablet keyboards(which everyone should, stock keyboards suck) try Thumb Keyboard.



well out of the entire audience you're probably only 1 of 2 people that do that. Using a tablet 24/7 would drive me nuts.


Insula Gilliganis

Great to hear Dave Murphy.. he was the voice of reason.. apparently effects of the Microsoft loving distortion field that permeates the Maximum PC wing of the Future building have worn off on him. I agreed with most of what "Murph" said. But disappointed Dave's appearance didn't involved a new dating contest! Magali!!!!!!!!!

4:28 (time code of the podcast) - Apparently the "PC sphere" only includes Microsoft products and announcements, with just the briefest mention about the Nexus 7, and nothing about probable upgraded Kindle Fires or rumored smaller iPad tablets. Very uninformative.

4:38 - You all acted like Microsoft has NEVER demoed a product that eventualy never saw the light of day.. that Microsoft never preleases info about some "mystery product" just to put FUD into the market place. The Surface was rushed out before the Google Nexus 7 release just to tell the public, "Hey, look at us.. we can make a table too which you can buy sometimes in the future. Don't worry about the details.. trust us.. see how amazing it looks!" This is about as close to vaporware as something can be.. a product no one at the event could actually test, hardly any specs were released about it, and had very vague references to pricing. Smacks of M$ hyping the Courier and slate PCs at 2010 CES when it knew the iPad was about ready to be revealed. I am sure if Apple had done this same event with the same results, you all, especially Gordon, would have been very critical.. but apparently M$ gets a pass for pre-announcing a "me too" prototype that has little substance but lots of conjecture.

10:40 - "Two independent researchers say PC sales are struggling to take hold as consumers opt for tablets and wait for Windows 8" ( but "Apple is still managing to report the only signs of continued growth with shipments growing by 4.3 percent this year giving them a 12 percent share of the entire market" (

15:03 - "The media doesn't give them (PC mobile device manufacturers) any credit for it"
15:40 - "A lot of the pioneering work of subminiture, miniture notebooks have been done by PC OEMS"
16:25 - "If Apple came out with the exact same f*cking form factor and scream "Oh it's the best thing ever!""

Here, I believe, is one big reason Gordon HATES Apple.. he thinks Apple doesn't innovate or invent anything, but just take PC manufacturer's existing products & ideas, slaps cute, clever names on those PC ideas/products, sticks those PC ideas/products with an Apple logo and then a large portion of the World goes crazy, willing to pay big bucks for those ideas/products that PC manufacturers already had. Gordon gives no credit to the intelligence of the buying public, gives way too much credit to these PC manufacturers making most of the great ideas/products that somehow get "ignored" by the public & tech writers, and gives Apple way less credit then it deserves in marketing and making those ideas/products accessible enough for people to want to use and spend money to buy. Microsoft had ten years to make a tablet the masses could buy but it failed.. Apple then comes along and is able to make a tablet that millions of people want to buy. But does Gordon get mad at Microsoft for failing for a decade not to deliver on the tablet concept? NO, instead he takes more pride in the fact that Microsoft came up with the idea first than in Apple actually making that Microsoft concept understandable and workable for many people to want to buy.

In his May 2012 editorial (pg. 7), Gordon wrote "It's not that I'm a partisan of Microsoft Windows.." but you are Gordon. Microsoft Windows is in the name of your magazine! "The PC even survived two self-inflicted wounds: Windows Millenium and the original iteration of Windows Vista." (MaximumPC, Sept 2011, pg 7). You admitted "PC" means "Microsof Windows". You even mentioned that Macs weren't PCs in podcast 186. I guess Gordon forgot that boot and earlier versions of Maximum PC occasionally reviewed Macs. I find it interesting that, on a podcast supposedly about just PCs, Apple is mentioned about as much as Microsoft but almost always disparaged in some form. Your hatred and bias of Apple is so strong, I have to listen to the TechNightOwl podcast (which is as negative towards Microsoft as Gordon is towards Apple) just to get a balanced hatred of each company in my brain.

This leads me to wonder why your magazine/podcast/website even mentions or reviews tablets and phones. Those devices don't need a computer to operate. They are all self centered, completely independent of computers, devices. These devices can interact with PCs but don't need them to fully & completely operate. Seems like if MaximumPC is really about just "Microsoft Windows devices", as Gordon has alluded to, then nothing that isn't running Windows, or a device/program that depends on a Windows PC to fully function, should be featured. Yet, iPads. iPhones, Android tablets/phones, even Chromebooks are reviewed. Why last year was there a caption contest in the magazine and on the website about Gordon holding an iPad (a contest that no winners was ever announced)? An iPad isn't made by M$. If the magazine/podcast/website was named "Maximum Tech" I would understand all of this.. but it isn't.

Dang.. I just channeled Gordon ranting!!

17:07 - "There are a lot of under the hood improvements" - You seemed to have a hard time finding improvement to mention and those that were didn't seem very compelling reasons to spend money to switch from Win7 to Win8. Most people need clear evidence that upgrading from Win7 is really an upgrade, not just a "sidegrade". I switch from WinXP to Win7 on some machines only because 1) DirectX 11 on my gaming machines, and 2) much better support for SSDs on my machines which had SSDs. XP remained on my other computers where Win7 wasn't going to give those machines much of an improvement. If Win8 doesn't give users something besides Metro that compels them to want to upgrade, then most won't. Even Paul Thurrott and Mary Jo Foley on Twit.TV's "Windows Weekly" admitted that Win8 is really for NEW tablets, because it was primarily made for mobile devices, not the desktop.

21:30 - The upgrade might be $40 NOW, but what is to stop M$ from charging another $40 for Win8 SP1 or Win8.1.. and so on like Apple does with every upgrade of OS X. Microsoft might keep the Win8 name going a long time like Apple has with OS X (10 years and probably a couple more). I am sure Microsoft would love for people to be on a subscription model of buying the OS every year instead of just once every 3 years. As "The Murph" mentioned, no one would buy Win8 at the traditional cost of Windows which should give some idea how people are viewing Win8 over Win7. Also, this recent piece of news.. "the adoption rate of the Windows 8 preview releases seems to indicate that the new operating system won't be as popular as Windows 7 as the install rate is much lower than with 7.. at four months after preview availability Windows 7 was three times more popular than Windows 8." (

23:45 - "USB 3 performanced is greatly enhanced".. so what this really means is that Win7 sucks at USB 3 speed!! Thanks M$!!

24:11 - Installing XP on a laptop? If it was an old laptop, there shouldn't have been so many driver problems.. so I assume you were installing it on something fairly new.. and of course there are going to be lots of driver errors as the laptop is too new for even XP SP3 to have drivers for it. You should have anticipated that would happen "Murph"!!

28:22 - Leap Motion's Leap device (

33:27 - I believe Maximum PC usually has to return many of the components back to the manufacturers used on previous Dream Machines. But since the Blackbird case was given ("we were able to pull some strings to get the enclosure.." Sept 2008, pg.26) to Maximum PC, it was keep somewhere in the lab, despite the cleanings and moves, for Nathan to eventually upgrade. Actually, Maximum PC had 2 Blackbird cases to work with, one was blinged out while the other was used to work out the build. Wonder if the non-chromed version was sent back to HP and if "Murph" bleed on both cases.

42:45 - How come no outrage on tablets and phones not being upgradable? Laptops are just becoming more like those devices. Not many people buy a car thinking they will upgrade it later.. most buy it equiped the way it will stay during the life of the vehicle.

44:51 - Think Gordon is wrong about not being able to run the MacBook Pro Retina display at native resalution as I have heard podcasts over on Twit.TV saying the display is beautiful on many Apple made updated apps, and that it makes normal resolution websites look crappy. And Diablo III plays at the native resolution of 2880 x 1800.. "Diablo 3' is eye-grabbing on next-gen MacBook Pro" (

46:01 - For weeks, the Twit.TV "This Week in Computer Hardware" podcast has been talking about low cost, 2560x1440, 27" monitors from South Korea. And the PC Perspective website recently bought one from eBay for $315 shipped (in 3 days from Seoul), but not the Yamakasi Catleap mentioned by Nathan but instead an Achieva Shiminan (for reasons not yet revealed but will be in the full review not yet posted). During the preview (, the display ran "flawlessly".

49:52 - BRIEF mention of the Google Nexus 7.. when I heard this I assumed a lengthy conversation would ensue about comparing the Nexus 7 with the Kindle Fire, and/or the iPad and/or the vaporware M$ Surface.. but NOOOO!! The podcast can spend several minutes discussing the almost nonexistant. nebulous Surface, but no time was spent talking about the merits of an actual working, inexpensive, quad-core tablet with the latest Android OS that Google IO attendees were freely given and customers will be able to buy months before the Surface will be available.. if ever. Pod listeners were instead treated to PHONE ROM FLASHING exploits/fails and Siri-clone phone conversations (ZZzzzz). Basically, just more opportunity for Gordon to swear and more chat about Zooey (whatever the f*ck her name is) Deschanel (way more talk about her in this podcast than about the Nexus 7 or Google IO).

1:04:24 - Like Microsoft never cancels anything after getting people excited about something they were pimping. Can't wait for my 2012 upgrade to Microsoft Bob!! When is my next Zune player upgrade going to arrive? Microsoft Courier?? Bueller?? Just more pro-M$, anti-everyone else sentiment!!

1:11:27 - I agree that cheap cases have gotten a lot better. Years ago, nothing under $100 was really very good but now plenty of nice cases from quality manufacturers under $100. Earlier this year I bought a BitFenix Raider (which you haven't reviewed yet) for $70 shipped from the US version of NCIX.. super nice case with four USB 3 ports on top.

1:12:42 - You know what's f*cking bull sh*t?? Gordon's rant!! Again, an uninteresting, unfunny rant. Luckily it only lasted like 11 minutes. Go back like 100 episodes to hear really good Gordon rants. And could the guy swear more throughout the podcast.. like every third word is a curse! Does he do it because there is a listener "drinking game" involved?

As always, no podcast is complete without plenty of petty Apple bashing.. I'll just throw these 2 facts out.. "Apple Platforms Closing on Parity with Windows for the First Time" ( and "Gap between Mac and PC sales the smallest in 15 years" (

You guys are lucky you aren't relying on the podcast to keep you from "not starving to death"!! It was good to hear "Murph" as he contributed well and had fairly rational opinions, but you guys left a lot of potential interesting discussion off the table! This was the weakest "monthly version" podcast so far.

HOLY CRAP.. I wrote a novel!!



u mad bro?



That wasn't a novel. It was more like a tome :P

I've never heard of the Tech Night Owl podcast... Maybe it's interesting...and actually available somewhere?



Best podcast yet!  Way better than those other 186-ish episodes.  I really think you have something golden here.


Insula Gilliganis

"Murph".. I think I might take back my "fairly rational" statement concerning you after reading your comment posted here!! I know you were there.. but did you LISTEN to the podcast?? Actually, your "joshing" comment is much better than most of the podcast was!! :-) I vote for continued more "Murph" in the podcasts!!



I vote for that as well. I'll even talk slower next time.

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