No BS Podcast #186: The Second-Loneliest Number



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Thank you guys, it makes me happy to see you guys up and rolling Pod-casts. I'm glad you guys at least make on every Month, I hope you guys bring it back to half a Month like the old times.

Thanks guys, keep up the good work! =)



Nathans a fan of Win 8....that explains a lot...Good thing we have Gordon to bring things back to reality.



Great podcast. Two people are all you need, as long as one person is Gordon! Thanks for the info on the Humble bundle. Got it before the clock ran out. Gonna sh*t my pants playing Amnesia this weekend!



Yay! I've felt lost without my MPC podcast! :)



Gordon's running OS X on a PC in a virtual machine like a fucking boss! :D

I need to try that out.



I haven't listened to the podcast just yet, but the idea of 'do we really need optical drives anymore' interests me.

With half a dozen computers in the house, and me planning on building more, I'm ready to stop adding an optical drive to every one and just buy an external drive. Hook it up when I need it.

I installed something the other day (oh, Diablo 3) from DVD and realized it was the first time in 2 years I'd put anything in the drive. Everything is brought in via download outside of the occasional OS reload.

The only reason I bought D3 on disc was the discount my wife gets at Kmart since she's an employee there.

So, yeah, buying all these optical drives only to use them for the OS install and pretty much never again kind of seems pointless.



MacBook Pro is a piece.

1. Need special screwdriver to even open the back cover(as always)
2. RAM is soldered to the logic board so forget RAM upgrades
3. Battery is gorilla-glued into the case so the battery is virtually unreplaceable. Also the touchpad cable runs under the battery so you'll probably destroy that cable if you try to extract the battery.
4. Display assembly is not repairable, if anything goes bad inside the display you pay apple for a whole assembly.

If anything breaks, just landfill it because you almost can't repair/upgrade anything. Or send your whole laptop to Apple and watch the grass grow and/or pay apple that fruit money.

Edit: Oh yeah and the Proprietary SSD is not upgradable either at this time.



If by "special screwdriver" you mean a small standard eyeglass-type phillips...then yeah. I've ripped apart many MBPs and replaced RAM and HDDs for friends. It's only a little more involved than a typical PC laptop.

Does the newest retina-MBP have soldered RAM? (Seriously, IDK.)

You'll be able to replace that SSD through OWC soon. Look what they did with MacBook Air SSDs.

That "piece" has a display I wish I had in my laptop.



Good then pay apple your 2 grand and have fun jumping through hoops and dealing with Apple's proprietary crap. While I pop my back cover off with 3 screws(any junk drawer phillips) and upgrade every component in about 5 minutes. With components of my choosing. And replace my battery in about 10 seconds.

But, to each his own. They do have some damn fine boxes though.



I don't know about that the boxes are all that special. My Alienware m15x's box was way more elaborate.

...maybe I just like to buy overpriced hardware? ;)

Upgrading is the positive side of PC laptops. One can hang on to one for a hell of a long time if they know what they're doing. The downside is you can't get shit for them in two years so, within reason, upgrading is the way to go.

MacBooks are quite proprietary. I will fairly admit that that is no strength. ...but I can "upgrade" it by taking advantage of it's awesome resale value even after four years.

I personally do a bit of both. Macs are generally expensive and I won't own more than one at any given time. The only person I ever "evangelized" on Macs was my brother. I just got sick of being a free tech for him on a monthly basis. People like you who know fundamental stuff about computers and internet security are served well by Windows 7 PCs. It is a pretty great OS.

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