No BS Podcast #185: No Star Wars Edition



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I couldn't disagree more with the microwave rant. I heat instant oatmeal up every morning before work. It takes two minutes. On Monday I dial in ten minutes and press start. I open the door and remove my oatmeal after two minutes have elapsed. On Tuesday I put the oatmeal in the microwave and all I have to do is press start. I repeat this every day through Friday using up the ten minutes keyed in on Monday and it saves me the trouble of typing in the time I want to cook for every day. I would stretch this out over a month to save even more time but I need my microwave popcorn on Saturday and Sunday (I program in seven minutes on Saturday so I have three and a half minutes for each night).

It is very efficient.


Insula Gilliganis

(hands "TheMurph" some tissue..)

Hey, the podcasts are of much higher quality since switching to the monthly format. No mention of this in the podcast but I recently heard that Loyd Case had joined PCWorld. Since Nathan wrote up the nVidia 690 story and not Loyd, does that mean Loyd is gone? His LindenIn page still has that he is a "contributing writer".

*11:49 - One reason I haven't read anywhere on why Ivy Bridge CPUs might be running hotter when overclocked than Sandy Bridge is that the Ivy Bridge's IGP is a much larger part of the die than it was on Sandy Bridge. So when overclocking and adding additional voltage, isn't a large part of Ivy Bridge just heating up and not doing anything for the performance? It also might be because the 22nm die size has less surface area to displace heat.

I couldn't find the reference on Google so hopefully I didn't dream this up but thought I recently read on some site or heard in a podcast about someone taking off an Ivy Bridge headspreader and putting a heatsink directly on the die.. and this didn't make any difference in temperatures.

*19:41 - Gordon is talking about something called "showrooming". Even if Amazon is taxed, retail stores are still going to have a hard time competing as Amazon would still lower overhead costs, free shipping and just the fact that people over the past 10 years or so have gotten so use to shopping at Amazon. An April 22, 2012 article at had the following..

"Amazon's prices are 9% lower than's when sales taxes are excluded for Amazon, but shipping is calculated for both, according to a William Blair & Co. study. In the same matchup, Amazon beats by 14%. Even in states like New York, where Amazon does collect taxes, its prices on consumer electronics were 11% lower than Wal-Mart's in-store prices and 8% below those at Best Buy Co., according to a different study by KeyBanc Capital Markets."

*32:40 - Speaking of iPads, whatever happened to that "Gordon using an iPad photo caption contest" that Alan set up?? ( It has been over a year and I never saw any results listed on the website or the magazine!!

*34:32 - WHAT?? Gordon admitting he would buy an Apple II retro case?? The blasphemy!!

*Sorry but Gordon's rants are still weak!! I actually do like it when the background "music" stops during the rant.. Andy asleep at the switch?? Why not just do the rant during the "fake outtakes" portion at the end of the podcast.

*1:38:55 - Magnum didn't live in Robin Master's house.. he lived in the guest house on the grounds. Magnum also didn't live there free but worked as the security expert for the estate. The reason Magnum seemed to be a "deadbeat" is that most of his cases seem to involve his friends or pretty women.. and he wasn't going to charge his friends/women he want to date "$200 a day plus expenses" like Jim Rockford!! Another reason Magnum lived in such posh surroundings was for it to be the complete opposite of Jim Rockford's dilapidated mobile home.

*1:40:12 - Calista Flockhart is married to Hans Solo!!

*1:40:50 - says about itself.. "Hawaii’s Royalty Streetwear Company. To Defend Hawaii, is to defend the spirit of aloha. It is the resolve, accomplishment and state of mind, that is perpetuated through our culture and traditions. So that generations to come will live in our footprint. No where on God’s green earth can mirror the unconditional acceptance and support we show to family and strangers alike. It is our duty to preserve this spirit. To Defend Hawaii is to defend aloha; by any means necessary."

*Aloha Alex.. stay away from "TheMurph".. he is getting a cold!!

*Apparently Andy didn't want to share any love for this podcast!!

*Can you pleaseeeeeeee get rid of the spam that litters this site!! (see user nbfjkfdsu9 below)



Jeeze, I feel a cold coming on for next week...



In re. the Amazon tax thing with California, who's really skeezy? 1) Amazon using currently existing Federal law to protect itself. 2) California politicians using a scheme to get around the Federal law that has failed in multiple states already. All in order to get a budget passed so they can get their paycheck?



Both Amazon and the politicians are sleezy. Especially since they are leaving all the tax paying to us citizens and we have no options for tax dodging or tax writting that the companies and politicians have.



Who else would pay US taxes besides US citizens?

Sales tax by itself is sleazy. Why do we have to pay our governments for the "privilege" to sell something?



Good job with the podcast schedule. It's great to hear you guys' opinions on all the current tech news.



I hate that about microwaves! It's one of the things I'm belligerently OCD about. That seems to be the mode of operation of every retard (everyone) around me.

And while you're at it Gordon, don't make those microwaves like Utah microwaves; you know: the ones where you ALWAYS have to press cook time before punching in how long you want the thing on? In a zombie apocalypse, that could cost you another mouthfull of brain!

Even better: only press 1 and it automatically turns on for 1 minute, 2 for 2 minutes, etc... it's the killer feature of my microwave.



I was kind of enjoying the Star Wars rants, to be honest.

But I'll still be sure to d/l and listen tonight. Heck, I might even do it here at work during that last 2 hours when no one else is here and I can pretty much goof off. :-)

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