No BS Podcast #184: Kepler, Cameras, Kashyyyk



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I am Fucking tired of the rant continuously being about something to do with star wars fucking quit it. Gordon, also on a side note you cant possibly hate macs as much as I do, I set them on fire and laugh about it. MWHAHAHAHAHAHAH



RE: Gordon's Rant

Picture what Wookie dingle-berries must look like!



Thank you, thank you, thank you!

I appreciate you guys trying your best to keep up with the new schedule (though a surprise "Extra" edition wouldn't disappoint!)

I'm glad to hear that Andy Bowman is still working on the podcast - hope he gets to join it, instead of just produce it.

Nice to hear Loyd Case - always informative.

In fact, within the first 20 minutes there were two topics that sounded intriguing - I'll post something in the Mag Feedback forum...maybe some listeners could comment.

Keep up the great work!



update your website please, give us NEWS. The site halted after the no bs podcast. You guys been around boot days, and I even bought the first issue. Im sure you have a big enough staff members to update news even on the weekend.

ps - your annying spam ads are starting again. [i guess there's really nothing you can do about it.]



Good job being on time! I really enjoyed this episode. Thanks for the heads up on the Hammerforum dot com joke. Looking forward to next month.






Great job guys! I new my faith in you was well placed. Keep fighting the good fight! Great podcast! Thanks for bringing the great Loyd Case on the cast! I'm a big fan from his CGW days! Love it!


Insula Gilliganis

Just listened to the first 30 minutes while walking the dog.. off to a great start. If it continues on it's present course then will be as good or better than last weeks episode, which was pretty good.

Way to pay attention to the episode number.. Nathan!

Great to hear Loyd. Apparently he has been making the rounds lately.. he was just on's "Tech News Today" during nVidia's GTX680 launch day

You need to ask Loyd about his weekend basement LAN parties. According to Patrick Norton, they are legendary and World Famous! Perhaps he can do an article about his setup which apparently is super sweet!

My wife was a huge King's Quest player back in the 90s. Sierra just stopped making it.

My 16 year old has been a huge fan of the Mass Effect series, and he has been bitterly complaining for the past couple of weeks about the ending of ME3. Apparently he feels that no matter what choices he made, all outcomes lead to basically the same ending. Now he feels why should he keep playing and invest effort getting to know the characters if nothing he could do or the characters could do in the game really made any difference to the final outcome. He also says he wouldn't invest time or $ if there were a prequel now that he knows what the fate of everyone was. He might be doing his version of a teenage "hissy fit" but to him the ending "felt like a punch to the gut". He really has been upset about it, enough to cancel SWTOR after waiting for that for years to finally make an appearence, and not to download anything for Rock Band. He says EA deserves being ranked the worst company in America.

Why should anyone buy a Windows phone now knowing that Windows 8 phones will be coming out in half a year. Why have the uncertainty of not knowing if your present Windows phone can be updated to the Windows Phone 8 OS or not.

Which Holy Modal Rounders songs do you have? The only one I know about is "Boobs a Lot".

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